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Forums - Movies & TV - Would you be excited for a sequel to Troy?


Would you be excited for a sequel to Troy (Troy 2)?

Yes! 1 25.00%
No! 3 75.00%
Only if Brad Pitt returns 0 0%

Troy from 2004 is one of my favourite movies. Gotta love Brad Pitt's performance (especially when he isn't wearing any clothes above his waist!!!)

I'd love to see a sequel, Troy 2! I'm sure they can find a good reason for the Trojan War to continue after the first movie. Perhaps they can use some more modern weapons this time. Not too sure why they end up only fighting with Gladiator weapons. As true Troy fans know, they actually have a visible plane in the background in one of the scenes, indicating that the movie actually takes place in modern times:


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Sign me up! How about a sort of Troy X Terminator crossover with Keanu Reeves as a time travelling or undead prince Hector? Endless possibilities.

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I love Troy! (I've never seen Troy)

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who are you again?

If there's hot women involved, sure why not


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You mean like a version of Homer's Odyssey? Or do they make another Troy to fight over?

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Yeah they should do the Odyssey except with Achilles instead. The Achillyssey, starring Brad Pitt of course.

I have wanted them to adapt the Odyssey with Sean Bean returning for a long time now.

edit: I now see this is a joke thread.


ARamdomGamer said:

who are you again?

Clearly just ArandomGamer who also wants a sequel to the greatest movie starring Eric Bana. 

Making a Troy 2 would be like making a Titanic 2. Oh wait…