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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite non-Nintendo handheld console?


What's your favorite non-Nintendo handheld console?

Atari Lynx 13 2.23%
Sega Game Gear 99 17.01%
TurboExpress 9 1.55%
Sega Nomad 11 1.89%
Neo Geo Pocket 17 2.92%
Bandai WonderSwan 10 1.72%
Nokia N-Gage 10 1.72%
PlayStation Portable 278 47.77%
PlayStation Vita 135 23.20%

PS Vita

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The handheld was incredible for its time because of all of the additional functionality it provided. See when the PSP came out, we didn't have smartphones that can do everything that we have today. We had blackberries and windows phones that were mainly used for IM than general media consumption. We also had things like ipods and Zunes that could play movies and music but they couldn't do any web browsing or play games that you wanted to play. And the video experience was pretty meh.

The PSP combined so many functions together. You could play great games, you could watch movies in a wide screen format, you could play music, you browse hentai on websites. It was an incredible piece of tech for its time.


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PSP. The only non-Nintendo console to have a library that could give Nintendo a run for its money.

Top 5:

1. Valkyria Chronicles 2
2. Crisis Core
3. FF Tactics: War of the Lions
4. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
5. Ys Seven

The only one on this list that I've owned is the PSP. The Sega Nomad seems like it was a good idea though.

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Does the Steam Deck count? It became pretty much the only device I'm gaming on since it arrived here.

If not, definitely the PSP, that thing was and still is a beast with some nice cfw on it.

The N-Gage was also pretty awesome. It did many things that people love about smartphones way before anyone even thought about the first iPhone.

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It has to be the PSP. Such a great system, with a very modern design for the time. The console was about 66% as powerful as a PS2 as well, which, at the time, was very impressive. Having GTA3's entire map in Liberty City Stories was insane.

Yeah. Have to give it to the PSP.
It's the only dedicated gaming handheld that was ever able to properly compete with Nintendo.

And because of that, it does actually have a banging games library.

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The PSP is one of my favorite platforms of all time. So many great games and features. If it had updated graphics and received new releases I would still be playing it today.

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PSP. Great games, not only from first party but third party. Decent PS2 ports and was supported for quite a long time. The homebrew scene was amazing and it was my go-to for portables for ages... just for the emulation and utility it brought; in a pre smart phone era. Shame the Vita never lived up to its predecessor.

Top 5: GoW Chains of Olympus, GoW Ghost of Sparta, Loco Roco, P3P, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.