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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite non-Nintendo handheld console?


What's your favorite non-Nintendo handheld console?

Atari Lynx 13 2.23%
Sega Game Gear 99 17.01%
TurboExpress 9 1.55%
Sega Nomad 11 1.89%
Neo Geo Pocket 17 2.92%
Bandai WonderSwan 10 1.72%
Nokia N-Gage 10 1.72%
PlayStation Portable 278 47.77%
PlayStation Vita 135 23.20%

PSP. Great games, not only from first party but third party. Decent PS2 ports and was supported for quite a long time. The homebrew scene was amazing and it was my go-to for portables for ages... just for the emulation and utility it brought; in a pre smart phone era. Shame the Vita never lived up to its predecessor.

Top 5: GoW Chains of Olympus, GoW Ghost of Sparta, Loco Roco, P3P, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

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PSP no contest.

-Crisis Core FF
- Dissidia FF
- Persona 3 Portable
- Tekken Dark Resurrection
- MGS Peace Walker
and many more...

PSP, I used that thing everywhere I went.

Used it to watch movies, play games, browse the net, customised to to hell and back. The handheld was just really good for it's time, shame Sony fumbled it up with the Vita, otherwise I'd have been on board with that instead of the DS.

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The PSV was a great bit of tech, but I had more fun and spent way more time playing my PSP.

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Bonus question top 5:

  1. WipEout Pulse
  2. WipEout Pure
  3. Daxter
  4. Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip
  5. LocoRoco

Machina said:

The PSV was a great bit of tech, but I had more fun and spent way more time playing my PSP.

I have to agree my dream would be the Vita with a PSP equivalent library.

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I only ever had (have) a Vita, and that was because I wanted to play Uncharted Golden Abyss. I don't have anything else for it, because nothing else interested me. Still though, Vita at least had one game that interested me, while PSP or any other had none whatsoever. So to me Vita would win by default, but I won't vote because it's not really a fair conclusion.

Top 5 PSP Games:

Ridge Racers
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
God of War Ghost of Sparta
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories
Lumines (Bonus)

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Out of those? PSP. It was the only non-Nintendo handheld I ever owned.