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Forums - General Discussion - When do you think the mankind will finally land on Mars?


When will that day come?

2024-2026 0 0%
2027-2029 2 5.56%
2030 or later 34 94.44%

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So, last century, the man landed on the Moon. It was a huge milestone for mankind. But there are millions of things we don't know about our existence. For example, how many galaxies are out there, how many planets, etc.

I think the next step for mankind is to land on Mars. But when will that happen?

We have some data:

Are you excited to see that day?

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Around 2060

Whoever said 2024, lol is that a joke?

The way we're heading, never.

Mid to late 2030's, if you did a poll redo with all the decades of of 21st century I'd be fascinated to see the results!

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If they land there, they’re stuck on it. Right?

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Not before the 2030's. The problem is not just the rocket to get there, it's also due to the astronauts themselves. The rocket will be done in a couple years, but not their crews.

Astronauts will need very specific training for Mars which will be much more extensive than for the Moon because it takes much longer to go there and you have to stay there for much longer before you can actually go back to earth (260 days to stay on the planet on most trajectories before you can go back home to earth). In other words, they need training to be able to live in such a hostile environment for 2 years straight, travel time included.

They will probably also need a constant stream of supplies from earth just to be able to live there, like food, water and oxygen. Starship can transport a lot, but I doubt it can hold enough supplies for an entire crew for such a long time. Which is especially true if they are supposed to build stuff there, something they will have to do or need to be done by robots beforehand to avoid radiation since Mars doesn't have a magnetosphere anymore.

snyps said:

If they land there, they’re stuck on it. Right?

For at least 260 days they are. Which is so long that there's a plan to send people there who don't mind not being able to come back, making it a literal suicide mission. But getting that through regulations probably not pass, and it's pretty wasteful since you'll need to train those astronauts for several years beforehand and their equipment is pretty expensive, too.

Prolly never, I suspect our great filter is the destruction of our planet due to the greed of the ultra rich and the apathy of average people.


snyps said:

If they land there, they’re stuck on it. Right?

Yup. Need to recycle the ship parts into a living habitat. I don't think it's happening anytime soon. A several month journey is just asking a lot with our current techincalogical limits.

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We're still at least 15 years away, possibly longer.

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