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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

Libara said:
Skeeuk said:

. Feel free to support Ukraine I don't I won't support scumbags that are in power, The only people that was killing children and civilians was the post 2014 Ukraine army it's well documented 

Ah ok so you only believe what you see on vatnik channels, got it. Tell me you lack basic intelligence without telling me you lack basic intelligence.

Keep telling everyone you support murderers and pedophiles though. Though it does make me wonder if you belong to one of those groups.

Probably, and he was probably even put in here by Russia to make trouble.

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I've thread banned that user after talking to the Mods.

Now back to business as usual, supporting Ukraine instead of endless arguments with fascist enablers.

Slava Ukraini!

Skeeuk said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Will someone PLEASE get rid of Skeeuk? He's worse than a troll, he's an outright scumbag. And Libara just described what Putin most likely loves to do even if someone's watching.

. Feel free to support Ukraine I don't I won't support scumbags that are in power, The only people that was killing children and civilians was the post 2014 Ukraine army it's well documented 

Russia will have tons of issues on their hands if these raids within its walls become successful. I mean they already are successful but if they are replicated throughout the federation, we might see strong calls for independence of certain regions.

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Ryuu96 said:
crissindahouse said:

Skeeuk I have to inform you that even If Russia is destroying 10k drones a month, it doesn't mean anything. 99% of drones used are some cheap drones for some hundred or a thousand bucks. I'm sure you are at least able to do the math what 10000x1000 is even If you don't seem to be able to recognize anything fake posted in your Telegramm channels.

A number of expensive drones would be maybe useful but just "ohh 10k drones so much money they West is bleeding" is truly idiotic to say

It is crazy how much damage you can do with a commercially purchased drone.

Seeing all those videos of drones casually dropping bombs on Russian soldiers is wild.

And it's largely done with shit anyone can buy. Hard to see them, hard to hear them, scary stuff.

Definitely going to see countries double down on drone warfare after this...

Speaking of drones, wasn't there a post here (maybe on the news I can't recall no) a few months ago basically they are using carboard drone with bombs in them. They probably cost less then 100 bux to make and come as a flat pack.



Ryuu96 said:

How Russian Mothers See Their Sons.

Imagine your own mother not caring if you live or die because she has a backup son and she's going to get paid anyway...

Fun and useless fact. My username comes from that book series.

CaptainExplosion said:

Doubt it'd make Russia a decent neighbor let alone place to live though. People thought Russia was gonna be better off after Lenin took out the Romanovs, then they thought Russia would be better off after the Soviet Union collapsed, then they thought it'd be better off under Vladimir Putrid, but time and time again Russia has shown us that it just can't escape being terrible.

Tends to be the narrative most dictatorships walk down though...They downplay/obfuscate the facts in order to maintain/grow their support/power base.

Thankfully it has hilariously not gone the way they intended thus far.

Ryuu96 said:

This may upset you but most of Ukraine's military aid doesn't have to be paid back

What America sends to Ukraine is nothing more than a minor accounting error in the grand scheme of things compared to their overall massive military budget, Ukraine doesn't have to pay any of it back (so far) as long as Biden still has Congressional support.

Most of it is pre-existing stocks sitting around doing nothing which will be replaced by new stock thus more manufacturing jobs and money.

NATO's huge military budget and especially USA's is down to two countries, Russia and China. They have right now an opportunity to massively weaken one of their main rivals for a fraction of the costs, thus it's more than worth it to them to give Ukraine this stuff for free.

So the West will hold out as long as it takes.

And I am happy to see my taxpayer money go towards a good cause.

The incursion into Belgorod is justified, in fact, they should create a whole DMZ between Ukraine and Russia.

A large portion of the US economy is based on a "war economy" that is underpinned by manufacturing and resources that stemms back 100~ years.

And you are right, turning over old products is going to reinvigorate various job sectors in the US because of it... And drive innovation on their replacements, which will ultimately enhance the US military capability long term.

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20,000 killed at minimum for a tiny city and so Prigozhin can get his pay cheque.

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Monsters. But we'll help Ukraine rebuild.

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