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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

Damn. Wasn't Russian incompetence but a Patriot. Get Ukraine some more Patriots!

What 2 Patriots Gets Ukraine So Far.

  • 7 "Unstoppable" Kinzhal Missiles Destroyed.
  • 11 Pilots Killed.
  • Su-34 Destroyed.
  • Su-35 Destroyed.
  • 2 Mi-8s Destroyed.

What Russia Achieves

  • 1 Patriot Missile Launcher (Out of 16+) Suffers Minor Shrapnel Damage.
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The guy on the right is Konstantin Dolgow, a political scientist with close ties to the Kremilin. Interesting...

Ryuu96 said:

If anything Russia has only nazified itself even further, and partly demilitarized itself through it's own stupidity.

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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said that the support of Ukraine from the West will continue "for years".

Details: Sunak emphasised that Russia's strategy of waiting for the West to "get tired, bored" and stop helping [Ukraine] is not going to work.

Quote: "We are now leading a conversation with allies about what longer-term multilateral and bilateral security agreements we can put in place with Ukraine," he said.

Background: Rishi Sunak has said that attempts to freeze the war in Ukraine at the present stage are "absolutely wrong" and must be stopped

West Is Ready To Support Ukraine For Years, Russia Shouldn't Expect To Wait Us Out – UK PM | Ukrainska Pravda