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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

crissindahouse said:

So, according to Viktor Orban, Ukraine is a no-mans land? Damn, crazy how an EU country sharing a border with Austria can have such a prime minister in 2023..

"Here comes the dictator":

Then-President of the European Council Jean-Claude Junker, 2015

His comment really aged like fine wine.

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FarleyMcFirefly said:

I pretty much never post in political threads, but here is just one.

For all of the people who unconditionally support Ukraine and are cheering on the latest tanks being sent over, I hope you are prepared to be sent to fight, or to send off loved ones to fight. This disgusting escalation needs to cease. Peace must be negotiated, and yes, that means concessions on both sides.
Do I know what those concessions should be? Not in the slightest. I am not overly knowledgeable in world politics. However, I am very much anti-war and am appalled by our world leaders who only seem to be provoking the other side.

"If you think Putin is equivalent to Hitler, remember, he is Hitler with nukes" - Viva Frei

Our leaders need to be doing everything possible to avoid this, which does not seem to be the case at all.

This is my only post on the matter, so I will not reply to any possible vitriolic responses.
I pray this ends ASAP.

It would have been all great if there was at least some ground for a diplomatic negotiation. You need to remember one thing: every time Putin says that he has some valid negotiation arguments, he lies. As others already said, the only thing he will accept is if Ukraine bends over and becomes his puppet state. Which will never happen, because more than 90 percent of Ukrainian population won't accept it. Yes, with how badly the war has been going for Putin, he probably won't be against taking a break and stop at some demarcation line for now, only to come out with some more false accusations of NATO threats and "Ukrainian nazi regime" breaking the agreements to justify attacking again after a few more years. We already saw that back in 2015. 


Better be fucking true this time. The West needs to stop fucking around with discussions and start sending Ukraine whatever they need.

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An interesting article about OIP, a private Belgian company that bought a load of surplus tanks from European governments as the vehicles were decommissioned, and now hopes they all see action in Ukraine. However, they are a private company so the intention is to sell them back at a profit, leading to accusations of war profiteering, juxtaposed against the cost it would take to bring the vehicles back into service.

Nice. Nowhere will be safe outside of Crimea now for Russians in Ukraine.

As for the battlefield, not much change, Russia has made gains around Bakhmut, on the other side, they've been trying to take Vuhledar with heavy casualties and making zero progress.

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Insane losses in Vuhledar, Russians are being absolutely smoked there.

Though on the other side, Ukraine will likely lose Bakhmut soon.

As if America wouldn't come rushing to your defence, stop being a coward.

Up to 178 Leopard 1 A5 tanks have been approved by Germany.

"In a joint statement Tuesday, the German economy and defense ministries announced the approval of up to 178 German-made Leopard 1 battle tanks to Ukraine.
How many Leopard 1A5 main battle tanks will actually be delivered to Ukraine depends on the required maintenance work, the statement added.

It comes as part of a joint pledge with Denmark and the Netherlands. The defense ministers of the three countries said the tanks were part of an effort "to support Ukraine in their endeavour to withstand Russian aggression."
In a joint statement, the three nations said the "required logistic support and training" would be provided. That includes a "spare parts and ammunition-package."
Speaking in Kyiv, Pistorius said Ukraine will receive more than 100 Leopard 1 tanks from several European countries. The German Defense Ministry later said that Ukraine would receive "at least 100" Leopard tanks in the coming months from Germany and countries including Denmark and the Netherlands.

By the second quarter of next year, three battalions should be equipped. (...)"

Top Putin Ally Says He ‘Will Not Hide’ Intention to Invade Poland Anymore

Kadyrov. 🛌