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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

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Ryuu96 said:

Good. They need to be part of NATO ASAP. Same with Sweden.

Baltic Sea fleet of Russia will be pretty useless If Sweden with Gotland and Finland will be a part of NATO. Surrounded by countries protecting each other 🙂

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Still "funny" how Russia complains about countries joining NATO and even tried to blackmail them if they join while they have their own military alliance with CSTO.

Ryuu96 said:

A walkback from their earlier statements, but this is actually the first reasonable thing he has said in a long while. There's no trusting him though.

I can agree deploying military infrastructure could be provocative and even unnecessary, we have a capable and Nato-compatible defence force already.

Compared to last week.
+2050 Troops
+1 Planes
+83 Tanks
+7 Helicopters
+210 Personnel carriers (APV)
+64 Artillery
+1 Boats/cutters
+10 MLRS
+2 Anti-aircraft
+50 UAV
+1 Special equipment
+131 Vehicles/fuel tanks (now combined)
+3 Cruise missiles

Key takeaways:
Except for the number of helicopters and troops the numbers are down, sometimes significantly so (UAV, plane, MLRS). This looks like Russia is trying to keep more and more of their equipment from harm's way at the expanse of their own troops.
Those slowdowns in assets losses by Russia also comes amid reports of crushing defeats in Kharkiv and Donetsk river crossing. IMO, Russia may try to engage in fewer battle but with more troops and insistence, so far with no appearant success.

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"Russia has no problems" with Sweden & Finland, therefore expansion of NATO "in relation to these countries does not pose a direct threat to Russia," Putin said.

Extremely interesting news for Sweden and Finland.
Putin now saying the exact opposite of what he said as late as yesterday, when he said that joining NATO is a mistake, and that it's a threat to Russia.

Today he made a 180, and says it's not a threat, and he's fine with us joining.

Likely because trying to scare us out of joining with nuclear threats failed, so now he's painting a prettier picture for the people in Russia.
Because if it really were a threat, then it'd look like a big tactical blunder by Putin.

And it really isn't a threat, unless Russia tries to move on us first.
We obviously have no desire of invading Russia, and we won't have NATO place any nukes here, etc.

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