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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass DLC Announced, 48 Course DLC

Holy shit

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Nintendo is doubling the number of courses in MK8D.......that's our Mario Kart 9 right there lol

Since this is a good hint that MK8D will not be replaced very soon (DLC runs through Dec 2023) and should be a marginal boost for legs, I'm feeling confident in MK8D making a real shot at Wii Sports' sales total.

2022 >10M
2023 >9M
2024 >7M
>2025 >10M

That's about 80M right there. I can see it doing better than those in both 2022 & 2023.

They'll be all there sometime in 2023. They're making sure that it keeps people talk about the game for a long time to maximise sales even more and go even further beyond. This game will sell 15mil this year! My prediction.

48 courses for $25 is kind of a no-brainer. That's pretty cool.






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I know I am asking probably to much but I kind of wished every wave would also come with characters.

Mar1217 said:

Nintendo manages to baffle me sometimes. They litteraly waited 5 years to announce DLC when hopes for this course of action were lost a long time ago. I honestly thought they would simply ride the whole thing but now they decide to double down the number of courses and basically less than half the price of the original.

No brainer steal and goes to show Nintendo actually understand the definition of paid DLC more as an expansion to their games than other companies sometimes

2021 was the first time MK8DX was down YoY even if only slightly. Without this DLC it would be further down this year. It was essential to release this as soon as the steam trains begins to slow to reignite it more than ever. This was very strategic.

At this rate Switch 2 will launch with Mario kart 8 Deluxe and DLC bundled.

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Dang, man. Roughly fifty cents a course is a really good deal. Plus, since I couldn't stand Mario Kart Tour and never played Double Dash, those courses will be new to me, anyway. Here's hoping Delfino Plaza returns, too.

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