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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu sales: Week 51, 2021 - (13th Dec - 19th Dec)

Any bets on how long BBA stays in the top 10

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kirby007 said:

Any bets on how long BBA stays in the top 10

1000 years

Farsala said:
RolStoppable said:

No, it is bad. When you look at the table, you see that the hybrid sold more than 200k units a year ago, so sub-100k supply for OLED this year is without a doubt bad. There are clear shipment problems and they are bigger than initially assumed. November in the USA was down year over year too, so it's not like Nintendo is diverting supply away from Japan to boost overseas sales.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Nintendo calculated with a shipment breakdown of ~10.0m and ~5.6m for fiscal Q3 and Q4, respectively, in order to meet their revised shipment goal. Either that, or something similar to Sony happened to them too. We can see that Sony isn't on track to meet their forecast anymore, a sudden turn of events as in late October they were still sure to make it. Right now there's no choice but to wait until late January to hear from both manufacturers.

Are there any recent articles about supply issues in Japan or otherwise for the Switch?

It would be strange for Nintendo to predict no YoY drop and then not ship anything...

Edit: Nintendo said Japan was 22.3% of sales last year. It sold about 2m, so ~2.3m shipments, leading to ~10m worldwide shipments.

If the same proportion then Switch sells ~1.8m. So ~2.1m shipments, leading to ~9.1m worldwide shipments.

But actually Nintendo says Japan's share decreased to 21.3% and might decrease further. so closer to ~10m worldwide shipments.

Seems to make sense in the end.

If all markets go in the same direction, Yes. Europe seems to go up, Japan seems saturation status begins, Usa seems will follow the same path of last year, in December . Others I don´t know. 

Lets talk about saturation after Splatoon 3 launches in Japan :) Nintendo still has an ace up their sleeve - Splatoon 3 should guarantee another 4.5 million year which is far from showing saturation - that would be a time where Switch is doing PS4/PS5 numbers(aka under 2 million)

Selling around 300k less then last year isn't something I'd personally call bad.
The switch has been around for a while. Its likely getting to the point where "everyone who wants it already has one" it's going to start declining at some point, at least its a slow slope instead of the cliff most sony fans are telling me that's coming

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Taiko no Tatsujin and Fishing Spirits hanging at number 18/20 like champions over 2/3 years after release respectively. Legs like a giraffe, or perhaps more accurately, like Nintendo games.

Here is something interesting:

Discontinuing the PS4 makes no sense when Sony and every publisher really are releasing AAA games on PS4. I honestly thing ps4 would be doing way better numbers if Sony produced more of them. But I don’t think they can ?



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Kakadu18 said:

Here is something interesting:

I don't know how, but I found an article on this. Makes it easier to translate and read.

Some statements:

  • Sales of video games for Playstation 5 in 2022 are projected to be negligible - almost 2 times lower than sales of video games for Nintendo 3DS in 2018.
  • And even such forecasts look too optimistic. For most of 2021, Playstation 5 video games failed to make the top 30 weekly sales.
  • The number of mentions of Nintendo Switch , profitability and multiplatform, inspires respect. The company has long ignored the real state of affairs in the Japanese market and is now desperately trying to grab onto its last saving straw.
  • The company is not doing well at the moment. Video game sales have been sagging year after year following the Japanese Playstation disaster.