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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best looking console design?

1. Atari 2600
2. Vectrex
3. Gamecube

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In my opinion, the Wii and PSP have some of the best looking console designs. The Wii is very sleek and high tech looking while having a nice small form factor. The blue LED light mixes well with the white of the Wii unit itself. Everything about it just seems incredibly well crafted, which is interesting seeing as Nintendo's previous consoles have all looked a bit childish in my opinion. The PSP is also incredibly sleek looking. It's a very simple rip-off of the basic GBA design, but it doesn't look nearly as cheap. Extra points goes to the PSP Go for perfecting the high tech design look (though, overall, it's worse due to a lack of disk drive).

My votes for the worst looking consoles go to the original Nintendo DS model, the Nintendo 2DS and the PS5 disk edition. I don't really understand how Nintendo could make the original Nintendo DS model that ugly. It looks like they saw the PS1 and thought "how could we make that look go with a portable device". The gray and weirdly slanted top just don't work for me. The lite model they released afterward looks like the "true" version, whereas the original model looks like a prototype. The Nintendo 2DS is just incredibly childish in design. I know that's the intention, but it throws me off every time. The PS5 disk edition is just huge, ugly, and looks like it has a tumor. I really don't like the design at all. It reminds me of something people in the 90's or early 2000's thought looked "futuristic".

1. PS5, I don't know why but it just looks really cool.
2. Switch OLED, extremely sleek and clean look.
3. Wii, also very sleek, clean and simple.

Very interesting to see 2 of us say PS5 has the best design and 2 say it has the worst (or one of the worst). Very polarizing system design lol

The PS5 makes a statement in most rooms I’ve seen it in.
The GameCube (especially the silver version) is damn near perfect.
Finally, the Dreamcast remains one of my favourites. It has a classic console look, perfected.

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Sega had the best designs. The master system the Sega genesis and the Dreamcast were all good.

I really like the:
Fat model PS3
VCR Xbox One
Wii U, idk why about the Wii U, not really much going on, but I like it.
I think the Atari VCS looks cool as well.....

1. Sega Saturn Model 1 Japanese

2. Sega Dreamcast

3 SG - 1000 (Had one in the early 90's)

4. Sega genesis tower model 1 wanted This Sega Genesis user needs to make 4k picture his it's model 1 sonic and game genie second genesis tower fine too

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Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

My top 5 based purely on aesthetics:

1. Xbox 360 S

2. Xbox Series X

3. Sega Genesis 2

4. Xbox One X

5. Xbox 360

And though no Nintendo or Sony systems make my top 5, my favorite looking Nintendo console is the New Switch OLED in Black and White, while my favorite looking Sony console is the PS2.

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In this order: Super Famicom, 360 S, PS2, Switch