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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: Characters to Remove and Replace in The Next Smash Bros.

I came for the topic. Stayed for the comments.

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PAOerfulone said:

We're going to get A LOT of cuts in Smash 6, and not nearly enough new fighters.

For those thinking that we're going to get 70-80-90 fighters and basically Ultimate 2.0...
It's not gonna happen.
Ultimate was a once in a lifetime experience that we will likely never see again.

Most of the 3rd parties, a lot of older and obscure fighters are going to get cut and each Smash Bros. game moving forward is going to be a screenshot of what is relevant and big in video gaming AT THAT SPECIFIC point in time.

For example: A lot of Fire Emblem reps are going to get cut and all we're going to get for that franchise will be Marth (face of the franchise), Lucina (Marth's echo), Ike (most popular character), and whoever the main character for the next FE game is. Same deal with Pokemon. Reps like Greninja, Incineroar, and Lucario will be long gone and we're most likely going to have Pikachu, Jigglypuff, maybe Mewtwo, and the evolved form of one of the starters for that console's Pokemon game.

The only characters that are going to be safe and stay in Smash no matter what are the original 12 fighters.

Outside of that, you'll have some very popular staple characters in the franchises that will most likely stick around like Mario - Peach and Bowser; Zelda - Zelda and Ganondorf; And then, some of the popular, more Nintendo-associated 3rd party reps like Sonic, Bayonetta, and Mega Man.

After that, it's pretty much a guessing game as to who will be on a potential Smash 6 roster. But I can tell you right now, in terms of roster size, it's going to be a HUGE downgrade from Ultimate.

I don't think either pokemon or FE reps are going to be cut too much becasue the first is super popular and mostly under nintendo's control to use (i'd even say pokemon is slightly underepresented, no gen 3 or gen 5 mons), and the latter is totally under nintendo's control while at the same time one charecter can only represent 2 games in the series when there is 16 around.


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Cloud, Sephiroth, Joker are the reason why I bought the game :-|

You can also just not cut anyone, and simply add all those others.

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Actually partially agree with the OP. There should be more Nintendo characters and less 3rd parties.



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S.Peelman said:

You can also just not cut anyone, and simply add all those others.

Only way they could do that is if they make no changes to the fighting mechanics whatsoever. If they make changes to that, then every character will have to be adjusted for balance sake. Every game so far has made changes to mechanics.

peachbuggy said:

Actually partially agree with the OP. There should be more Nintendo characters and less 3rd parties.

I'd be fine with it if all the new characters came from sub genres (like Rawk Hawk from Paper Mario) or untouched ips they own that have no representative so far. But having 5+ characters each from Pokemon, Fire Emblem... is such a waste.

Sora isn’t a Disney character.

You’ll never change.

Remove all characters that are not part of the 12 original ones, that alone will massively improve the game.
There. Done. Next thread.