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Forums - Music Discussion - International non english music Thread (without english)

Polkadot Stingray (Japanese Alt Rock with Jazz/Math/Pop elements)

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They are german/austrian bands, but they sing english, so I guess they do not qualify. But I like a lot of Kontrust (e.g. Bomba, Butterfly Defect, Adrenalina, Falling, Monkey Boy, Zero,... pretty much the whole album Secon Hand Wonderland).

And very recently a friend showed me We got the Moves from Eskimo Callboy. Wild song. Very funny.

As I said, they are not english bands, but everything they sing is in english.

Iconic Carlos Vives for colombian music:

That's from 1995. This one is a bit more recent, with Marc Anthony:

Some of my favourite non-English songs of this year:













Some Luxembourgish music with Fausti, who sadly died a couple years ago.

The song is based on a pun. Moss am Bic sounds exactly like the country Mozambique and roughly translates as having a "Sexy chick in a ball pen". Gets played every year during the carnival season here.

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Shak attack

I remember coming across this randomly on Spotify many years ago.

And a friend once played this for me. Very catchy

A lot of pop in here, lets compensate for that a little bit shall we?

One of my favourite non English language metal songs

drbunnig said:

And a friend once played this for me. Very catchy

Oh hey, Die Prinzen. Really liked their music a lot when I was young.

Probably their biggest hit was this one, "Alles Nur Geklaut", meaning "Everything stolen" (in the sense of copied, plagiarized).

Anybody recognized all the video clips it's referencing?

And for the 30th anniversary:

And if you like a metal cover:

Fitting for them, since most of their songs and especially their hits are coversongs...