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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Halo Infinite - How interested are you?


Gonna pick it up?

Day one for sure 25 52.08%
Day one if reviews are great 1 2.08%
When it's on sale 5 10.42%
Probably not, but who knows? 9 18.75%
No chance, Halo sucks 8 16.67%

With the newest Halo game about 6 weeks away, and trailers for both the campaign and PVP content now available, I'd like to get a feel for interest levels in the game.   By that, I mean, are you likely to play it? Is it a first day pick up for you, or down the line whenever it fits in?  Or is it a wait and see kind of thing?

I'm a game pass subscriber, and I will definitely be playing this day one. Halo is probably my favorite game series, and is definitely the one that has had the most impact on my gaming life.  So, even if I had to buy it, I would be picking it up day one.  But, for people that weren't gaming 20 years ago, the nostalgic pull of Halo may not be the same.  While most agree that the last few games have been good, that's all they were - Good.  So, I'm especially interested to hear from people in this group, people for whom Halo is just another one of the many AAA franchises.  

Anyway, feel free to talk about whatever you want to about Halo, the series or the new game. 

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First day pick up for me!

I haven't been this excited for a new Halo game since 3. Reach was fun, 4 was okay, and 5 I didn't like whatsoever lol, but with Halo 3......there's rarely been a time in gaming history where the gaming world was so hyped for a title, and have that hype pay off in spades. Idk if Infinite will reach the greatness of 3 as only time will tell, but everything I've seen so far, and played in the flights, have been exactly what I've wanted in a modern Halo game.

EDIT: the biggest concern I have right now are how many maps and modes will multiplayer have? From all the trailers and flights, we've only seen 4 arena maps and 1 big team battle map. As great as the maps are, minus Bazaar, 343 CANNOT be lacking on content on day 1. Despite MP being FTP.

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Some day. Last year I had time for it, now I already have a big backlog hoping to get cleared before GT7 and HZD2 come out. It looks interesting but can wait. Halo will stick around, same as FH5. I'm only interested in the single player campaign btw, hence no rush to keep up with the online stuff. I also want to read the reviews first as I seem to be an outlier where the only Halo campaign that kept me hooked until the end (and second play through) was Halo 4. I haven't finished any of the others, got bored with back tracking.

Probably going to wait till it goes on sale. I'm in no rush to get my Halo fix, as I've still got the other campaigns to go through, and these days I'm only interested in halo's SP, and MS is way, way more interested in Halo/gears MP content, that Infinite's SP content is bound to be another one and done small package (I wish they would just sell and let me download the Sp separately).

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Game pass day one makes it a no brainer.">"><img src="

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Both of them day one. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

I am interested enough to try it out on gamepass


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Game Pass Day 1 without question. Super hyped to finally get my hands on it.

where is the option?
"If reviews are good, at some point, perhaps on sales..."

Anyway... "Probably not, but who knows?"

Nah, probably not.