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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Trailer

Zippy6 said:
Rafie said:

PS Now is getting the PS4 version of GTA3, while Xbox is getting the Series X version of San Andreas. Looks like Playstation drew the short stick on that deal. Wonder why they couldn't get the PS5 version. I would love to play San Andreas on my GamePass, but I don't have the Series X yet.

To be honest the difference between the XBO/PS4 and the PS5/XSX version for this game is probably going to be minor. PSNOW cloud streaming runs on PS4 tech, they've never given out a game you can't stream before so they're limited to PS4.

4K for next gen. Not so much for PS4 and Xbox One. Hopefully you can download it and not stream it for PS4. Well PS4 games you can download anyway. I think Playstation should have gotten Vice City, if Xbox got San Andreas. That would be a good trade off. A lot of folks have Vice City being the best of them all outside of GTAV. I have San Andreas as the best with Vice City a very close 2nd.

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What an odd release strategy. I’m hyped for this anyway. Will it have an online mode?

jason1637 said:

What an odd release strategy. I’m hyped for this anyway. Will it have an online mode?

its quite genius "give" 1/3rd of the work towards the active console userbase, get them hooked resulting in them buying all 3 for 60 units

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Nice upgrade, looking forward to this.

While I don't mind the visual changes, I can't help but take issue with the fact that with all these added visual upgrades, they still could not upgrade the actual character animations, because if you look in the trailer, you'll notice the majority of characters wave their arms about and their hands are still stuck in that T-pose style, no moving fingers or anything.

Also the metal chrome on some cars looks glaringly bad.

Definitely not worth the price it's aiming for, but for those who'd want it, GP would make for an easy grab. I'm not going for it simply because they are limiting it to a client I've no desire or intention of using (as well as the price and their godwaful stance against modding).

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Nice, will play San Andreas on GamePass as it is the only one of those I never played. Saved me $60.

They should have had an upgrade option for the people who bought the trilogy digital already. 10$ for each game or 20$ for all three.

Zippy6 said:

Image comparison, just screenshotted from the trailer:

All they did was improve the textures on the characters. Polygon-wise, they didn't add any.

Check this GameFlip Runner

Looks good! Hope nothing is censored!

I can't say I'm a GTA fan, since it's not really my kind of game.

But I remember having a lot of fun with cheat codes in San Andreas with my friends back in the days. My best friend had GTA San Andreas for his PS2, but he had no internet, so he asked me to do a online research and we filled a notebook with cheats. Good times!