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Forums - Website Topics - Nintendo topic breaking forum

Whatever Hinch posted it not only broke the thread but breaks the forum on my end. I can't even log out or click on any topic after. I have co close the brower and clear all cache and cookies.

This is the topic but be warned

It does not break the browser/forum if I view it in incogneto so I could link it.

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Yeah it broke for me too. Other threads are fine.

Tried to reply there but I don't think it worked, and on the process it broke VGC.

EDIT: Moved the post in the OG thread.

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Potentially the Nintendo discussion to end all Nintendo discussions.

Yeah broke the site for me on android Firefox. Had to wipe my browser data.

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I was wondering. Thought it was my phone.

trasharmdsister12 said:

I've embedded the tweet right into the post and things seem to be running smoothly on my end. Please have a look everyone and let me know if things are still messed up for you. Thanks again for everyone checking in with this!

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It appears a post in the September NPD thread has caused the same problem

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Yep September npd thread is breaking the site now. I was on pc using edge this time and even deleting all browser data hasn't fixed it. Posting from phone now...

Working again on my pc now. I reinstalled edge and it was still broken for me, but all good now.