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Forums - General Discussion - How many screens are in your household


How many?

0 (mail in vote?) 1 2.38%
1 0 0%
2 1 2.38%
3 3 7.14%
4 to 6 11 26.19%
7 to 10 7 16.67%
11 to 14 9 21.43%
15 to 20 2 4.76%
21 to 29 1 2.38%
30+ 7 16.67%

I've lost count. Do phones or gaming handhelds count?

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I suppose DS and 3DS devices count as 2 screens each. I own several of these as well as several GBA devices. I just went ahead and clicked the last number, which I'm pretty sure I have when I add all of these screens to everything else I own.

SvennoJ said:

I grew up with one small tv in the house, black and white and later color. Nowadays everyone has multiple screens.

92" projector screen 1080p
65" 4K HDR living room
55" 4K smart tv basement
52" 1080p LCD living room (old tv used for racing)
50" 768p Plasma bedroom
2 42" 1080p smart tv kids rooms
34" CRT guest bedroom
20" CRT loft
2 19" LCD Monitor 1280x1024 (old desktops in the basement)
6 15.4" 1080p laptops in use
3 15.4" 720p old laptops (still working, not in use)
WiiU gamepad
PSP (battery burst out of its cover, still works on power)
2 iPhone

That comes to 28 'screens' to watch. Excessive :/

Damn, did you say Household or Office? xD

eddy7eddy said:

Damn, did you say Household or Office? xD

Same thing nowadays :p
I started the trend early, been working mainly from home since 2002.

CaptainExplosion said:

I've lost count. Do phones or gaming handhelds count?

Everything that you work, watch, play, read on. Drawing the line at digital photo frames and information displays.

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A couple tv's, single monitor, three smartphones, couple laptops, GBA, DS, 3DS and GBC make for a dozen though over a third aren't used anymore.

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Oh I voted 4-6 because I thought it was just TV/Monitors. That's what I get for voting before reading.

Imcludings mobiles, tablets etc probably about 12.

Stopped counting at 31, a family of 8 and a fairly large household... guess thats why when i'm on vacation i limit my electronics usage>

I game.  You game.  We game.

I'm a videogamer, not a fanboy, but have a special place for Nintendo.

Current Systems Owned: NSwitch/PS4/XONE/WiiU/3DS/2DS/PCGaming Rig-i7/ASUS i7 Gaming Laptop.

Previous Game Consoles:  PS3/Xbox360/Wii/DSL/Pretty much every one thats been released since the Atari 2600.

One 65" TV, one 32" 1440p display for my rig, two laptops @ 1080p, my Switch, and my phone, so that's 6 in total. Mind you, I live alone, so 6 is enough.

65 inch 4k Philips, 50 inch Samsung 5k, 55 inch Samsung 4k, 30 inch Samsung, ipad, Huawei media tab, 2 switch, ps4, xbox one x, xbox one xbox series, xbox 360 launch model. ,ps3,wii and wii u, original xbox, ps2, dream cast, megadrive, mega CD, megadrive handheld, atari handheld, Nintendo ds, Nintendo 3ds, game color, game boy, snes, nes, gaming pc, psp, psvita, 4 pc monitors, iPhone xs, Huawei p30 Pro, xbox elite, ps1 n64, sega saturn. This is what I can remember on the top of my head.

I have 13 in use, and 7-8 that aren't used anymore. I voted 11-14 (for my in-use stuff), because I don't think it make sense to count stuff is likely never to be turned in again.