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Forums - General Discussion - How many screens are in your household


How many?

0 (mail in vote?) 1 2.38%
1 0 0%
2 1 2.38%
3 3 7.14%
4 to 6 11 26.19%
7 to 10 7 16.67%
11 to 14 9 21.43%
15 to 20 2 4.76%
21 to 29 1 2.38%
30+ 7 16.67%

I grew up with one small tv in the house, black and white and later color. Nowadays everyone has multiple screens.

92" projector screen 1080p
65" 4K HDR living room
55" 4K smart tv basement
52" 1080p LCD living room (old tv used for racing)
50" 768p Plasma bedroom
2 42" 1080p smart tv kids rooms
34" CRT guest bedroom
20" CRT loft
2 19" LCD Monitor 1280x1024 (old desktops in the basement)
6 15.4" 1080p laptops in use
3 15.4" 720p old laptops (still working, not in use)
WiiU gamepad
PSP (battery burst out of its cover, still works on power)
2 iPhone

That comes to 28 'screens' to watch. Excessive :/

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2x 55 QLED
2x 32 LCD
1x 24 LCD
4x phones
1x tablet
2x old xp laptobs

So 10 in use, tossed old monitors out

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That work? 3
Samsung 42 inch LCD
Sont Xperia L4
HP Omen 15.6

EDIT: Wait, Gameboy Advance somewhere, has Pokemon Green Leaf in it, so 4.

Hmm, pie.

I have 3.

TV, phone, laptop.

Growing up we had 1, then maybe 2.

No reason to have more when I am basically a nomad. I can't imagine moving 28 or 34 screens every year lol.

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2 TVs , both 42" 1080 HD, 1 smartphone, 1 laptop, 1 switch, 1 3ds, 1 WiiU gamepad, 1 PC with a 24" monitor. 

So 8 in total I guess

Its not much but I live by myself.

Let's see. For functional units I have:

My 4K TV in the living room
My computer monitor
My roommate's TV
My Switch
My telephone

So five in total, four of which are mine personally.


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Ipad Pro *2 (3 generations apart)
macbook pro
LG gram 15"
surface go
nintendo switch(i'd count 3ds's but they arn't in active use)
3 galaxy A31's
1 iphone 11
1 iphone 8 for ipod like use
1 old LCD TV
1 decent 1080p LED TV
1 Car navigation display
1 4k OLED TV

This is a great question, and one that certainly highlights our collective obsession with technology. Like the OP, I too can count on one hand the amount of screens I had in my house as a child. Now? I literally would have to go around and count them... there's that many. Too many, actually.

a 21'' monitor for my PC, as well as a 32'' TV. In the living room, a 55'' TV, and the old 42'' TV in a different room (currently unused though). Two Mac computers with their own screens, three phones... I think that's it? So, 9. Would've sounded like a massive amount a couple decades ago, but here we are.

edit: Hmmm, looking at your OP, I guess there's more. There's also the Switch, and a 3DS (does it count as two screens?). My Wii U isn't currently here but when it is, that's another one. There's also an iPad I completely forgot about. So, 13/14.