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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kirby and the Forgotten Land Announced for Nintendo Switch

Kirby is finally getting a 3D game and boy does it look good so far. I love the art direction they are going with this game and the game play looks very solid so far. Only grip with the game is that it could use some AA. The release is suppose to come in Spring 2022.


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artstyle is usually topnotch

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I'm so ready for this game. I can't wait for Spring next year. Please inject this into my veins.

Looks linear levels, more like 3d world than odyssey. But that's ok, this is the most interested I've been in a kirby game in a very long time. Looks great!

Looks neat. Could be my very first Kirby game.

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Really like what I saw from this one, will definitely be getting it.

Looks like it translates the charm of Kirby into 3D beautifully.

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Looks fantastic.
Really gorgeous art direction.
Boss fights also look cool.

Looks like Kirby translates really well into 3D, definitely getting this.

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I'm feelling overwhelmed with so many good news

I might buy a switch oled just for this game


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