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Forums - PC Discussion - What graphics card do you have?


What's your current GPU?

NVidia 36 80.00%
AMD 9 20.00%
I don't have one =( 0 0%

I'm doing some research here, and I wanna know what's your current GPU.

Mine is NVidia Geforce GT730 2GB DDR3, I bought it in 2016 after my GT630 busted. I know, it's a rather weak GPU for demanding games, but so far it's working for what I need.

What about you?

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GT 710

I was planning on getting a 3060 or 3050, and got the 710 in the meantime for $30.
But the way GPU prices are right now, and me not having any need for a stronger GPU at the moment, I'll keep using it for a while.


Somehow was lucky to snag one when I did, which was all the way back when the thing first went up for sale. Was on a list but got it really fast for some reason.

Mine is the Strix 3080. Managed to get it at MSRP during the initial launch months before the prices went up.


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1660 Super

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Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 4GB

I bought it for $70 in 2019. I needed the vram to run Shenmue 3 and Red Ded Redemption 2. Does everything I need and the current value of it is $300.



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RTX 2080 Supermax

AMD Radeon R9 390X. Yes it is outdated, but still better than my AMD FX-8350 CPU. One of these years I will upgrade my PC, but so much money.

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