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Forums - Sales Discussion - Monster Hunter Rise shipped 6 million by the end of April. Lifetime sales expectations on Switch alone?


Monster Hunter Rise shipped 6 million by the end of April. Lifetime sales expectations on Switch alone?

Less than 7 million 16 2.36%
7.0 - 7.9 million 14 2.07%
8.0 - 8.9 million 47 6.94%
9.0 - 9.9 million 71 10.49%
10.0 - 10.9 million 176 26.00%
11.0 - 11.9 million 81 11.96%
12.0 - 12.9 million 88 13.00%
13.0 - 13.9 million 30 4.43%
14.0 - 15.0 million 40 5.91%
More than 15 million 114 16.84%

Last week Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise has hit the 6 million milestone in shipments. I am not sure about the exact day it hit that mark, but it should be close to the end of April.

What are your lifetime sales expectations for Monster Hunter Rise on Switch alone?


Bonus question: Did you buy Monster Hunter Rise, and if yes, how much do you like it?

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Well in the thread for Switch + PC predictions I voted 15-20 mil, which I still stand by, so we're definitely at the high end of this scale. I'll say around 13 mil.

Bonus question: Not yet, I'll almost certainly play it eventually but I'm not really in a rush.

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More than 15 million.

I did not buy the game. Probably never will.

10 mil

I got it launch day (physical) and I really enjoy it (only been playing SP so far). It’s my first MH game.

Somewhere in the 12m - 13m range.

Bonus: Yes. Liked it a lot. Not as much as maybe MHW or MH4U, but I expect that may change as updates keep coming. As of now it feels limited in content.

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I think 11.5-13m, with 12-12.5m being the range I believe in the most. Though, honestly, it seems like whenever I make a positive prediction about a game I specifically like a lot, it goes wrong

I think the expansion pack will boost the original game and make people buy it, either as a bundle or as the base game with the dlc being purchased later on, even if maybe not to the extent of the prior games (where their sales were doubled with re-releases). So if it ends it's first year with about 9m-10m sales, then I think it will gain a few million throughout the rest of it's life thanks to the marketing brought to the expansion along with just normal legs. 


Bonus: Yes and it's awesome. It's also my first Monster Hunter game.

I havent liked any of the games of this series. But this one is tempting me to try again.

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Voted for a bit less than 10M LT on Switch but I still believe it is possible. Though, I don't know if it has the longevity needed in the West.

Still, 6M shipped so far is already offering better numbers than the 3DS titles could, so it is an absolute net positive gain !

Bonus : No, Haven't bought it yet. Waiting to plummet my game backlog a bit before making the jump.

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After hunting for numbers, 10 - 15mil final answer.

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