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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sonic Adventure 3 for Sonic 30th Anniversary? | Is this the year?


Will Sonic Adventure 3 be announced at Sonic's 30th Anniversary in June?

Yes 6 37.50%
No 10 62.50%

As we all know, Sega/Sonic Team has some mega plans in store for Sonic's 30th anniversary this year. Not one, but supposedly several titles are in store. This includes a collection/remaster of classic Sonic games and a brand new one.

Now, I'm sure the question burning on everyone's mind is: is this the year they FINALLY unveil SA3? 

I know I'd be tempted to say no, given the number of times we've been burned in the past. However, I think this year might actually be the year it happens. Not only is it the 30th anniversary and the 20th anniversay of Sonic Adventure 2, but they left a... hint of sorts.

The official Sonic twitter page posted a tweet in October with Sonic having the number 3 engraved on his cheek. Immediately afterwards, Mike Pollock, Robotnik's VA posted a tweet saying 3 is the magic number, indicating it was no accident.

There's literally no other reason they would post that if there were no actual plans for SA3 other than to be dicks and treat their fans like trash with the "PSYCHE!" card, and maybe they are fixing to do just that, who knows? But it would seem counterproductive when the last few 3D Sonic games have had... well, to call them "mixed" results would be rather generous, and now would be the perfect time to finally give the fans what they've been begging for for the better part of two decades. Sure, there were several small lead-ons in the past that of course never came to fruition, but nothing this indicative.

They've also left a string of Adventure-related Tweets all throughout October of last year, so yeah, I just got that itching feeling it's for real this time. *Fingers crossed*

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This would make me so happy.

As someone with nostalgia for those games. They are bad games. Then again ST keeps making bad games and people buy them so eh. Sonic 06 is SA3 TBH.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

They pretty much already confirmed it awhile ago.

- Sonic Team moved back to NA for first time since SA2 during Sonic Forces development.
- Iizuka flat out said he wanted to return back to Adventure style as he had new ideas.
- They asked about SA3 in their survey for recent releases.

Its not even a surprise.

I don't see the big deal about Sonic Adventure 3. I don't see why it would be much different from other 3D Sonic games of late, which range from pretty good (Generations) to bad (Forces). Putting the word adventure in the title won't make it good.

Leynos said:

As someone with nostalgia for those games. They are bad games. Then again ST keeps making bad games and people buy them so eh. Sonic 06 is SA3 TBH.

I disagree. I think that Sonic Adventure and 2 still hold up surprisingly well, at least in the segments where you play as Sonic or a character with similar gameplay. Some of the best 3D sonic levels, and they still understand that the point of Sonic is not to run as fast as you can at all time, but to limit you so that when you finally build your momentum, it feels satisfying.

The problem is that the element that made Sonic Adventure "adventure" (letting you play as all of his buddies) is the element of the game that worked the least. The tails/Amy levels in Adventure worked ok because they were like the Sonic levels but a little works. Shadow was sonic so his part worked too. Tails/Robotnik/E102 were ok for the time despite being dated by now cause they really needed some form of dual stick controls. The rest of the characters were kind of a chore to play through.

So, making the Sonic games more like Adventure isn't really going to fix what's broken.

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I hope not, the Adventure games are bad, even if 1 is kind of a guilty pleasure at times, tho even that I don't really replay. 06 was kind of an Adventure 3, is just the logical extreme of how buggy the games can be, the increasingly painful story from 1 to 2 to 06, the gameplay kept getting worse, etc.

It’s heavily rumored to be Adventure 3. Sonic team has been teasing it on Twitter and YouTube for awhile now.

Earlier this year a known Nintendo leaker did a blog about what he has heard Sonic team has been working on for the 30th anniversary. Said that they were working on 4 projects:

-New 3D Sonic. Couldn’t confirm rather or not it is actually called Adventure 3, but said that he did hear that it has Adventure style gameplay instead of boost, an emphasis on platforming and exploration over sheer speed, multiple playable characters (said he wasn’t 100% sure which but said that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles at least were very likely). Developed in the US after Sonic Team moved there from Japan in the wake of Forces underperforming. Said that it is not a tie-in game for the new Sonic Netflix show, and that the recent voice cast revamps were not because they wanted to use the Netflix show actors in the games, but because the new Sonic Team in the US wanted to start a new chapter for Sonic.

-New 2D game. Not Mania 2, says that Sega believes that it’s best to leave fans to make fan made retro 2D Sonic games similar to Mania, while Sega themselves want to look to Sonic’s future. Said he heard it might be a new Dimps 2D Sonic with modern Sonic character designs, similar to Sonic Advance series from Dimps.

-Sonic Collection. Says that unlike recent Sega collections which focused on the more popular Sonic games, this collection would be focused on rarer Sonic titles that are currently unavailable without paying very high collector prices. Specifically mentioned Sonic Advance 1-3 and Sonic R as likely possibilities for the Collection.

-Mario and Sonic at 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Said that while it was in active development at the time (January), Sega and Nintendo were considering cancelling it, because they don’t want the negative PR of being associated with China currently, due to things like the Uyghur labor camps, democracy crackdown in Hong Kong, threats against Taiwan, and incursions into Japanese waters. Said they would review the game in a few months and make the final decision on rather or not to cancel it.

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I hope not. The Sonic Adventure games aren't really good. Iwould go as far as to say the first one is broken, the controls are so bad, the level design confusing and the adventure aspect boring. The second one is good (great even) in the Sonic/Shadow levels, but a mess otherwise. Sonic Generations in the quintessential 3D sonic title in my opinion. Something like that would be cool.

Some of you are so adamant that the first two Adventure games are so bad, that a third one is automatically bound to be bad as well. But that's not the problem, it's Sonic Team's long irregularity that handicaps all of its productions. I honestly don't think the first Adventure or 2 are plagued with terrible ideas, but rather with terrible executions.

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I will never understand the idea that a title will magically change if a game is good or not.

I know that's, technically, a fallacy about why people actually think a Sonic Adventure 3 will be good. But, nevertheless, that's how simplistically people still talk about the idea , even after having years to talk about why it would be a good one.