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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sonic Adventure 3 for Sonic 30th Anniversary? | Is this the year?


Will Sonic Adventure 3 be announced at Sonic's 30th Anniversary in June?

Yes 6 37.50%
No 10 62.50%

The only thing from the Adventure series I really want them to bring back and expand upon is the chao garden so if Sonic Adventure 3 coming back means that happens then I hope it gets announced.

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ARamdomGamer said:

I hope not, the Adventure games are bad, even if 1 is kind of a guilty pleasure at times, tho even that I don't really replay. 06 was kind of an Adventure 3, is just the logical extreme of how buggy the games can be, the increasingly painful story from 1 to 2 to 06, the gameplay kept getting worse, etc.

Why hope not? Aside from Gens and Colors, every 3D Sonic game is dogshit. Sonic fans will eat it up anyway so what's one more shit game? They will likely like it and defend it. On some SEGA forums, I see dudes so hype about everything Sonic they try to defend Balan Wondercrap because Yuji Naka can do no wrong. I still have some guy on me to this day that Sonic Forces was a masterpiece lol.

TBH the best thing about the SA games was the music and Chao Garden esp the GBA version. That was genuinely great.

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I did enjoy the adventure games at the time, but not enough to wish for a third, I actually thought heroes was as good (almost certainly in a minority there).

At this point I'd just like a somewhat enjoyable 3D entry, I've only fully enjoyed Generations but found bits to love in nearly all other 3D entries. Unfortunately games like Sonic 06, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Boom and Forces have killed my instinct to auto-buy mainline Sonic games. 

As for a collection with the Advanced games? Yes please, they are somewhat overlooked along with Rush!


The only other possible explanation of the 3 is 3 new games announced, 2 of them being remasters, and the rumor going around IS a retro games collection + new game, so I guess it's still possible they're pulling our strings for a 3rd SA game.

However, all the Adventure-related Tweets from the official Sonic Twitter account from October of last year still (perhaps foolishly) point me in that direction, so I'm sticking with my going-out-on-a-limb prediction.

But rest assured, if it's not happening this year, then it's not happening ever.

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Even if they release an HD collection SA1 will still be based on the stupid Gamecube version like the 360 port. That version sucks.

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