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ARamdomGamer said:

I hope not, the Adventure games are bad, even if 1 is kind of a guilty pleasure at times, tho even that I don't really replay. 06 was kind of an Adventure 3, is just the logical extreme of how buggy the games can be, the increasingly painful story from 1 to 2 to 06, the gameplay kept getting worse, etc.

Why hope not? Aside from Gens and Colors, every 3D Sonic game is dogshit. Sonic fans will eat it up anyway so what's one more shit game? They will likely like it and defend it. On some SEGA forums, I see dudes so hype about everything Sonic they try to defend Balan Wondercrap because Yuji Naka can do no wrong. I still have some guy on me to this day that Sonic Forces was a masterpiece lol.

TBH the best thing about the SA games was the music and Chao Garden esp the GBA version. That was genuinely great.

Last edited by Leynos - on 09 April 2021

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