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As we all know, Sega/Sonic Team has some mega plans in store for Sonic's 30th anniversary this year. Not one, but supposedly several titles are in store. This includes a collection/remaster of classic Sonic games and a brand new one.

Now, I'm sure the question burning on everyone's mind is: is this the year they FINALLY unveil SA3? 

I know I'd be tempted to say no, given the number of times we've been burned in the past. However, I think this year might actually be the year it happens. Not only is it the 30th anniversary and the 20th anniversay of Sonic Adventure 2, but they left a... hint of sorts.

The official Sonic twitter page posted a tweet in October with Sonic having the number 3 engraved on his cheek. Immediately afterwards, Mike Pollock, Robotnik's VA posted a tweet saying 3 is the magic number, indicating it was no accident.

There's literally no other reason they would post that if there were no actual plans for SA3 other than to be dicks and treat their fans like trash with the "PSYCHE!" card, and maybe they are fixing to do just that, who knows? But it would seem counterproductive when the last few 3D Sonic games have had... well, to call them "mixed" results would be rather generous, and now would be the perfect time to finally give the fans what they've been begging for for the better part of two decades. Sure, there were several small lead-ons in the past that of course never came to fruition, but nothing this indicative.

They've also left a string of Adventure-related Tweets all throughout October of last year, so yeah, I just got that itching feeling it's for real this time. *Fingers crossed*