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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pac-Man 99 announced for Switch


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Wonder what that'll look like. Any footage somewhere?

edit: derp, tweet hadn't finished loading.

This looks a lot like Super Mario Bros. 35 with Pac-Man gameplay.

Looking good.

Mario is dead.
Long live Pac-man!

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Thats awesome.

The DLC Packs looks quite interesting with those skins from Bandai's old IPs

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that looks like fun! Love the music.

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Looks awesome. Can't wait to give it a try on lunch break at work this afternoon.

Spent my whole lunch break playing this just now. Very addictive quality to it. Everytime I die, I keep telling myself, "one more match." My best finish was Top 5 so far. Great addition to the Switch Online Battle Royale games. I hope Nintendo brings back Mario 35, maybe retooled as Mario 99 to match up with Tetris 99 and Pac Man 99 as a 99 player battle royale trio.