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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's distractionary tactic to make them untouchable

Nintendo is selling stuff at high price and people still want to buy it, so sue them.

No, don't actually sue them, that's the exact opposite point I'm trying to make.

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Eagle367 said:

Don't be overdramatic. It's just people that like Monster hunter rise and don't give a damn about internet outrage over some old Mario games being limited releases

I'm not buying Nintendo games because Take Two overly monetizes the NBA 2K series, so I actually don't know what the deal is with the Mario games. Noted.

Im sorry but if you dont get a game for six months you haver only yourself to blame especially when they say its a timed release.
We have Zelda and Metroid 35 year anniversary incoming

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I don’t see why one would be angry about Mario 3D All-Stars being pulled to begin with. I get being puzzled by Nintendo’s decision on a business level as a sales/industry enthousiast like we are, but on a personal level there’s no reason to be upset either way; if you actually want it, you can buy it now, and if you don’t then why does it matter whether or not it exists. It’d be different if they just mentioned somewhere like last week that they would discontinue the game, but they mentioned this was the deal right when it was announced.

This is a bad thread for the simple reason that it fails to make a coherent point.

If people were actually honest, then most of the allegedly bad things Nintendo does are things that the vast majority of their consumers don't care the slightest bit about. Supposed issues like fanmade games being taken down and Smash Bros. tournaments not getting sponsored are things that a very small vocal minority screams about to make them look like issues, but the vast majority will just shrug with their shoulders if they ever hear about it. This line of thinking that I or other Nintendo fans should have beef with Nintendo because a few touchy Nintendo fans or trolls who are fans of other console manufacturers see an issue where there is none is incredibly stupid.

Besides, Nintendo does not do much public work. Interviews are sparse, so if Nintendo were pursuing a strategy of deceiving and distracting people to shape the minds of their customers, then they aren't doing a good job at all. The bosses of Sony's and Microsoft's gaming divisions are much more present and it's them who regularly run into contradictions and other miscues, because they do try to shape narratives. Likewise, the fans of PS and Xbox are much more likely to play along with what they are told to think.

Instead of believing that Nintendo is using a tactic to keep fans in line, it makes much more sense to recognize that Nintendo isn't playing any games to make anyone of us think of Nintendo what Nintendo wants us to think.

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as much as nintendo does stuff wrong... they also do so, so many more stuff right.

while nintendo corperate sometimes does shitty things like this, they mostly leave the devs alone to do whatever they wish. how many companies can do, or even AFFORD to do that?

I don't have an issue with a limited anniversary rerelease of old games. I don't see where the problem is, I got the games, I can play them whenever I want. If it was a new game that is completely limited, then I would have a problem with it.
Only problem I have is the absense of SMG2.

Nintendo games don't have predatory microtransactions and loot boxes and don't launch broken and full of bugs.
Only a few games are overpriced.

JWeinCom said:

Seems like the TL:DR version of this is that the distractionary tactic in question is to make games that people want to buy?


LOL, yep this is it exactly.  I would even like to take this idea a step further with this radical statement:

"Gaming is really about games, and everything else is a distraction."

Company gonna do what makes company more money. Welcome to our hyper capitalist dystopia. At least try to have some fun while you're here.

"This would have been a decent argument if the WiiU never happened. Nintendo has made some poor decisions, but they have made way more good decisions imo. Every big gaming company does stupid shit. What exactly did Nintendo get away with that Sony, MS, EA and Activision didnt get away with? How are they suffering in a way Nintendo isnt?"

Aah! But what if I offer this.

Nintendo learned from the Wii. I remember a billion dollar advertising limit when Wii came out, could be wrong, but it was expensive. Remember that was off the heel of the GameCube, third place in console sale. So the pricey ad campaign showed them how it was supposed to be done. How a message is told by the name of the console, Wii. How to take back an industry. 

With Sony able to outlast the Wii, Nintendo began to panic. The next console can't be the tired waggle. They had some ideas. A social media service. A multimedia hub. Asymmetrical gameplay. But their best was the tablet format. Unfortunately the tech was in its infancy. Too expensive for the time. They needed to put something out there and they did. As long as they could hold on to this idea, Nintendos pride would be the first to suffer. 

They put out Wii U as a buffer, a temporary fix all to buy time. It was business as usual, make great games. There was controversy all around, mostly due to the poor wii U sales. Remember their advertisements? Exactly, no one did. There were few and unremarkable. But why? Didn't nintendo learn it's lesson? Didn't they know not to confuse their casual customer of which they've been targeting since the wii ds combo? Or did they purposely redirected all their distraction tactics on Wii u. How would it have looked if Nintendo said, "hey, we have the next real wii innovation. You only have to way 4 and a half years." Nope. Wii 2.0 would never have sold with ps4 looming. 

I remember Satoru Iwata taking a paycut during Wii u Era, to avoid letting anyone go. I wondered, why? No other CEO for a big name company would do that. Unless he knew. That switch was in the future and he could only stall. He didn't let anyone go because he knew it was business as usual. Make great games, make controversial decisions, hype new games, release great game. And innovate. 

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