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RolStoppable said:

This is a bad thread for the simple reason that it fails to make a coherent point.

If people were actually honest, then most of the allegedly bad things Nintendo does are things that the vast majority of their consumers don't care the slightest bit about. Supposed issues like fanmade games being taken down and Smash Bros. tournaments not getting sponsored are things that a very small vocal minority screams about to make them look like issues, but the vast majority will just shrug with their shoulders if they ever hear about it. This line of thinking that I or other Nintendo fans should have beef with Nintendo because a few touchy Nintendo fans or trolls who are fans of other console manufacturers see an issue where there is none is incredibly stupid.

Besides, Nintendo does not do much public work. Interviews are sparse, so if Nintendo were pursuing a strategy of deceiving and distracting people to shape the minds of their customers, then they aren't doing a good job at all. The bosses of Sony's and Microsoft's gaming divisions are much more present and it's them who regularly run into contradictions and other miscues, because they do try to shape narratives. Likewise, the fans of PS and Xbox are much more likely to play along with what they are told to think.

See there, I was using a tactic on you as well. Gotcha!

So the point of this was to not actually hate on Nintendo, it was to bring a phenomenon to light. Let's just call the phenomenon as GAWI( getting away with it). I painted the header as nefarious because if I described the phenomenon as anything else, I don't know how else to describe it. 

Nintendo seems to have all the power in this relationship with fans its almost like a paradox. They cancel tournaments, take down fan games, have bad online, but gawi prevails and Nintendo prospers. It sounds nefarious because their gawi is nefarious. 

That is not to say Nintendo is nefarious, but gawi is. 


Instead of believing that Nintendo is using a tactic to keep fans in line, it makes much more sense to recognize that Nintendo isn't playing any games to make anyone of us think of Nintendo what Nintendo wants us to think.

No, man. To think that no company is trying to coerce our thinking is not believing that McDonald's and other fast food don't place addictive substances in our food. It's to think that the Superbowl is solely for football and the million dollar in advertisement is just for show.