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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Which XBOX 360 model is your favorite and why?


Which XBOX 360 design is your favorite?

XBOX 360 Pro/Elite [FAT] 6 26.09%
XBOX 360 S [Slim] 15 65.22%
XBOX 360 E [SuperSlim] 2 8.70%

As the title suggests which XBOX 360 model was you favorite by a design standpoint and why?

My favorite was the FAT XBOX 360, I liked the design the most, it was looking fun, and next gen, also you could switch the faceplates.

Many of you may not prefer the FAT model because of the RROD, but just to point out, every FAT with Jasper motherboard (end of 2008 onwards) was immune to RROD, and they were the most reliable XBOX 360 revisions of all. Yes even more than the slims and the E models.. you can search the web to see how many units of the slims and E models have overheated in the last couple of years, and you pretty much can't find jasper console failing because of overheating ..

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I like all three, but the S wins out for me by the narrowest of margins due to being sleeker than the Pro/Elite and less plain than the E model.

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The S model. I still have mine back home.

Gonna be the slim for me, even though the one I owned was the white OG console.

I did not even know there was a 3rd "super slim" model.

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Felt compelled to fire up my S over the last week even though almost all of the (good) games I have are playable on the Xbox One. I have the original version and the S but I kinda want the last version. It looks pretty sweet.

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I had the Fat OG Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 S , I preferred the S.

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S. One of the best-looking consoles ever made. The matte black is perfect as I hate glossy finishes.  I liked the OG 360 in second place. It was cool looking for it's time and I do love faceplates.  Had kinda Dreamcast 2 look to it for me. The E model is hot trash. Discount Xbox One and Xbox One is one of the worst looking consoles ever.

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S model, I loved the glossy version especially. Gorgeous console. I didn't like the look of the E console.

I owned 2 models of the XBox 360 (original and Slim). The Slim was my favorite, because it was WiFi enabled and was not prone to the Red Ring of Death. Between my brother and myself, we had 3 original XBox 360's go down to RROD. My Slim still works to this day, and yes I still use it.

I've only ever owned the "fat" model. I bought my 360 back in 2007, ahead of the release of Halo 3. It died on me twice, the first time some time in either 2008 or the first half of 2009, and the second time in July 2011. The one I received after the second servicing has worked flawlessly since then. Not a single issue in nearly ten years.


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