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Saw Kung Fu Panda 4 and loved it. ^^

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I live in documentaries of the near past:

Finished X-Men the Animated Series after all these years, finally gotten into X-Men 97. I really love all the effort and care the new production crew and new actors have put into this, but I can't help but be sad as I remember deceased cast members from the original series. :(

This guy's stuff is great, in case you haven't seen it yet:

What a talent.

Watching the Game Grumps playthrough of Arzette. I still can't believe we got a CD-i Zelda game but playable.

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Who is waiting to watch the final ep of Halo season 2? Am i gonna be let down?

Watching Station 19. It's like 9-1-1 but almost everyone is super horny and dysfunctional.

Just saw Abarham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. This movie changed how I viewed Abe lincoln and "history" in general.


Saw Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, enjoyed it, not perfect but great, the dedication to Ivan Reitman at the end really got to me. :(

Monkey Man: A good bit of stylish action undermined by some Greengrass-esque shakycam and visual incoherence. John Wick this is not, but it's still a solid directorial debut for Dev Patel and I look forward to seeing what he makes next.