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Forums - General Discussion - NASA's Perseverance Rover successfully lands on Mars

KratosLives said:

At the rate we seem to be advancing in space exploration, how far do you think they can go before earth is destroyed? We have come far but feels like a small step at the same time when you look at the grand scale of space. It's also scary when you think about space explaoration and settlements in other planets. Imagine all that hard work, and bang an alien colony comes down and wipes out everything.

 The biggest hurdle is the immense distances involved and to have humankind in a position where it can outlive the solar system that is the nut that needs   cracking. since settling the solar system doesn't help with outlasting our sun. about being wiped out by aliens my answer would be how stupid plus unlucky   stupid being that we can settle planets but put our eggs into one basket, unlucky in being in the right place wrong time.

 We hear propositions along the lines of that the sheer scale of the universe means if only one in a million star systems have planets and 99.9% of those planets   are not viable because of star type or lack of goldilocks zone we still would have a large amount of suitable planets, still even though we have improved in this   area finding them and obtaining less generalised data than position and size as a long way to go yet, and even if everything aligned,and an even smaller   percentage of those planets are not just habitable but already have life doesn't automatically mean that they aren't locked into their local area and the pattern   of life in the universe may well consist of a collection of permanently isolated lifeforms and the best we can do is know they exist .

 Still that just one of many things we don't know, after all we may be the the pinnacle of intelligent life in the universe or not whether alone or with others but   what I love is the conjecture.

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Mars's surface in 4K, via Perseverance: 

Audio of both the sounds of Mars' windy desert, and of the rover's laser performing its first operations:

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That didn't take long to declare war on Martian rocks!

It must be a pita setting up all these experiments with the time delay. I wonder how much autonomy the equipment has in case something unforeseen happens. Shut down and wait for instructions I guess.

NASA is targeting April 8th for the first powered flight on another planet, with the Rover now on its way to the area chosen as the tiny helicopter's "airfield".

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