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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Question: Which video game character has digitally died more than any other character?

Silly question time: let’s have some morbid speculation about the death of our beloved heroes. Which video game character in your opinion has experienced more deaths than any other in its existence?

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That would be the most popular one. Mario.

There are so many Mario games, and so many people have played Mario games, that I think it has to be Mario.

Anyone who has done a single playthrough of Dark Souls.

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Mario, no contest.

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Pac-man also died alot of times..

The snake from that mobile game



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Pac-Man, Mario, or the pilot in Galaga.

Mario: He's been in hundreds of games. The death toll is probably easily in the tens of billions.
Pac-Man: Between his arcade games and other titles, surely billions of deaths.
Sonic: Scores of games, if not over 100. Hundreds of millions of deaths, if not well over a billion.
The pilots in Space Invaders and Galaga.
The protagonists from GTA V.
Steve and other player characters in Minecraft.

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