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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you prefer First Person Shooters or Third Person Shooters?


What do you prefer?

First Person Shooters 15 21.74%
Third Person Shooters 29 42.03%
Depends on the game 23 33.33%
To be honest, none of them 2 2.90%

Valorant is my fave FPS. And Splatoon is my fave TPS.

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FPS without limited loadout, limited loadout is trash imo and makes the FPS trash

The only TPS I like is Splatoon

TPS. And I was a huge FPS fan back in the day. Way prefer the much larger FOV in action games for awareness and actually being able to see my character.

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I have never liked a single FPS game. Granted I have not tried playing one for about a decade.
I think the violence become to apparent for me or I get dizzy.

Usually first person because third person relies too much on cover systems which I really dislike. They never get a nice AI for the enemies and you just need to stay there in cover waiting for the enemy to pop out out of cover.
First person usually flows much better.

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Always hated 3rd person. I don't need some off center asshole stealing screen real estate for nothing.

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Definitely 3rd person. They're just so much better.

I don't dislike 1st person, I just prefer 3rd.

Alex_The_Hedgehog said:
Mar1217 said:

Rail shooters are mostly 1st person am I right ? So I guess my answer would be FPS, but I'm honestly in neither genre especially since the 7th gen.

Yeah, in fact, I can't remember a Rail Shooter in 3rd person.

That reminds me the first time I played Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles on a Wii. Lots of fun.

I really don't like FPS at all. Third person shooters can be ok, but really neither one is anywhere close to being my favorite genre.

I haven't liked 1st person shooters since Bloodshot back on the Sega.
As for 3rd person shooters, it bugs me if the character auto faces the direction the camera is facing, and camera movement controls aren't separate from character rotation controls, but otherwise it's fine. Just let me rotate the camera without my character spinning around too, that way I can see the front of my character whenever I choose.