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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Let's Play: Whats Nintendo Missing?

Game Rules: Post your most wanted has not yet been released on the Switch Nintendo Game.

For every non-repeated request we will give Nintendo +1point. The goal of this thread is to see how many points Nintendo can rank up.

1st 2nd and 3rd party games are all welcome. How ever they must be with a Nintendo owned ip


Ok?: Pokkén Tournament, this game was developed by Namco yet it uses a Nintendo owned ip so it counts.

Not ok ?‍♂️ = Persona 5, even though Joker is in Smash the ip is not a Nintendo ip

In short: 1 point = One Nintendo game they have not yet released and no one above your post as already mentioned

BTW, if you list a game that someone else has not listed, please give Nintendo a point next to the game you listed.

Let's start!

Earthbound 4 = Nintendo +1


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A new Wii Sports like game = Nintendo +1
We already have Ring Fit Adventure following on from Wii Fit so why not!

Soren0079 said:

A new Wii Sports like game = Nintendo +1
We already have Ring Fit Adventure following on from Wii Fit so why not!

Oh sorry, I didn't make it clear.

You will be Nintendo + 1 = 2 (since you will tally the points above)


Star Fox Grand Prix

i'm still waiting for it god damnit

Nintendo + 1 = 3

A new Advance Wars title

Nintendo +1 = 4

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Super Mario Strikers for the Switch would be great.


You know it deserves the GOTY.

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A new Kid Icarus game.

Nintendo + 1 = 7

Pikmin 4. Years of misleading teases, almost a decade now. Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

Nintendo + 1 = 8

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A new Punch Out game.

Nintendo +1 = 9