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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Let's Play: Whats Nintendo Missing?

New Wario Land (or World) game for Switch

Nintendo+1 = 10

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A new (not remastered) mainline 2D Zelda
Nintendo +1 = 11

Another Elite Beat Agents. Easily the best rhythm game I've ever played and even if it's handheld only because it requires the touch screen I'd still buy it.
Nintendo +1 = 12

Tomodachi Life Switch, I'm sure they can improve a lot the gameplay with Switch capabilities like a portable The Sims

Nintendo +1 = 13

A new F-Zero game +1 = 14

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If the games must be a nintendo owned IP then 3rd party games are not welcomed... Anyway

A Pokemon game that is more exploring and action oriented. So a spin off where they can start with only 1st gen Pokemon so they can focus on making a complex and big world to explore using the Pokemon abilities instead of trying to fill in the game a huge and messy pokedex+ a pointless gimmick.

The encounters and battles are dinamic and fluid: No pause, no turns and add dodging/defense real time mechanisms.

Monolith and the zelda team should develop this together, I know they can deliver something big

Nintendo+1= 15



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