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Forums - Sales Discussion - Bet Challenge #4 Consecutive Growth (ends Jan 13)


** Betting is CLOSED - all winnings have been paid out by TalonMan **


What console had the most amount of consecutive weeks selling more than the previous week?

3DS 0 $0.00 0%
DS 1 $50.00 11.11%
NS 1 $50.00 11.11%
PS4 1 $100.00 11.11%
PSP 2 $239.00 22.22%
PSV 1 $100.00 11.11%
Wii 1 $62.52 11.11%
X360 2 $510.00 22.22%
Totals: 9 $1,111.52  
Game closed: 01/13/2021

It's time for Bet challenge #4!

This one is a bit tough as the goal is to determine what console was able to have the most consecutive weeks selling more than the previous week. 

Here is a random example:

In this example, the amount of consecutive weeks selling more than the previous was 4 consecutive weeks.

This challenge is particularly tough because it is a very close race amongst different consoles. 

If you want to explore, I recommend using the Hardware by date chart, here you can move the mouse to see if it goes up or down.

Good luck picking the correct console.

Also as a reminder, Bet Challenge#3 Pixel Characters ends today, your goal is to bet on what character is being pixelated. Here is an example of pixelated mario:

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Tough one. I think this one actually is DS. Seems to have some decently long stretches at times. Not sure though so I'm not betting big money on this one.

Very difficult. I just say Switch out of the blue

This one is a tough one. I went with 360 at first thinking one of the holidays with the S and Kinect might have done it but looking back it may be one of the consoles that does good in Japan as consoles over there typically increase each week starting mid-late Nov.

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Ka-pi96 said:

I like these bet challenge threads, they're a nice idea!

I'm the crazy bastard that bet on the Vita. I dunno, just seems like it could be an unexpected answer. This one isn't really about overall success, rather improvement. And with the pathetically low sales the Vita had it probably had the easiest task in regularly improving on them.

Hi @Ka-pi96 I am really glad you are enjoying these challenges. I am currently  trying to come up with random ideas to try out and hopefully find some interesting challenges. 

It is true that higher sales totals doesn't necessarily correlate to most consecutive weeks increasing. We just saw a great example of the Switch selling 1.2M in one week but it is actually a decline from the previous week.

Like I mentioned in the challenge, this is a tough one, very close race between several consoles. So any bet is a valid one. Hopefully people don't bet too much VG$ because I don't want people to run out of money for future challenges.

I would appreciate any ideas you or anyone else might have about future challenges so that I can try and create them.

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A little push?

Bofferbrauer2 said:

A little push?

Thank you @Bofferbrauer2 for the reminder, there are just a few hours left, so hopefully more people will be able to add their bet in time.

It is nice to see so many options selected, it shows that this is a very close bet. Hopefully in the future we will have a cool feature that I have in mind for this types of bets.

I want to also add a quick reminder that a new challenge is always around the corner, therefore while you bet on this one you can hop on to Challenge #5. A special challenge featuring the world of Monkey Island. You will have to solve the clues left behind to find the Mighty treasure left behind by Guybrush Threepwood.

Bet Challenge #5 The Treasure of Monkey Island