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Forums - Sony Discussion - Scalpers are threatening the profitability and longevity of PS5 | System suffers unusually low attach rate due to scalpers

This happens with literally every major hardware release. Why panic now? None of the big companies have ever been bankrupted because of it, and it has never mattered in the slightest bit in the long run.

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Ka-pi96 said:

That's one possibility.

It's also possible that people are just buying PS4 games instead because there aren't any good PS5 games. Seriously, is there even a single good exclusive?

There is - but it's already preinstalled on the PS5

Dramatic and short sighted.

"But based on Japanese sales data from Famitsu, Sony sold around 213,000 PS5 consoles in the product’s first month of availability and just 63,000 physical games, meaning consumers have bought less than one packaged game for every three consoles purchased."

1) That's only 63k of physical games but doesn't mean they didn't buy any digital
2) With the free PS Plus Collection, and Astro's playroom that's more than enough reason for any new PS5 owners to not needing to buy a game right away either.

Give it time, we all know Sony knows how to pump out great titles and will start rolling in the software sales.

If I had a PS5, I'd probably just play ps4 games on it.

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So the article is extrapolating Japanese software sales, while excluding digital sales, to software sales in the rest of the world?

That should tell you all you need to know.

Azzanation said:

The only reason the PS5 and Series S/X launched at their state was because these multi-billion dollar corps wanted their Xmas bonuses. Too much money is lost if they release after Xmas. Hence the under manufacturing of units and scalper issues. This could have all been avoided if both Sony and Microsoft considered waiting for more supply and delayed the launches.

That only applies to MS. Sony had software ready for launch, as well as a jam packed 2021, and had shipped enough PS5's to break the PS4's launch record in many regions. 

Its already nearing an end PS5s are available for under $700 here locally, and Series X for right around $600.

What about digital sales? Sorry but tthe arguments are not convincing enough for me to actually think that this will hurt them in the long run.

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vonny said:

Random analyst says x, any affect from scalpers will be short lived. If scalping continues to be a thing it means people are still buying them which means games will be also sold, if scalpers can't sell their stock the scalping will end.

Read it again, they're NOT being sold, at least not a rate that turns a profit (and platform holders get a cut of all software sales, let's not forget, especially first party games). Less than a third of all physical games were sold for every console moved, that's operating at a loss. Even with digital sales added, they don't break even.

Not that any of this matters to scalpers, they only have to sell a fraction of their hoarded stock to turn a profit since it's being sold for more than double or even triple (!) their MSRP.

And I'm ready to quote you in a few months time when all this shit is still going on.

hunter_alien said:

What about digital sales? Sorry but tthe arguments are not convincing enough for me to actually think that this will hurt them in the long run.

*sigh* Here it is since some people lack reading comprehension:

“Even if we consider digital download software purchases, the percentage of sold PlayStation 5s actually in use is not that high, meaning the current demand is constrained by profit-taking resellers,” according to Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute.
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