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Forums - Sony Discussion - Scalpers are threatening the profitability and longevity of PS5 | System suffers unusually low attach rate due to scalpers

The only reason the PS5 and Series S/X launched at their state was because these multi-billion dollar corps wanted their Xmas bonuses. Too much money is lost if they release after Xmas. Hence the under manufacturing of units and scalper issues. This could have all been avoided if both Sony and Microsoft considered waiting for more supply and delayed the launches.

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All I have to say about scalpers is that they say it's simple supply and demand. But haven't both consoles launched at record breaking numbers? If so, then there's plenty of supply and scalpers are just using bots to intercept shipments to genuine consumers. In a year without Covid, all those consoles being hoarded by scalpers would have made their way to stores and been purchased by actual consumers by now. Same goes for the graphics cards.

This explains why softwares sales are so low compared to hw sales.
Software is what brings in the money, not the hw.

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This happens with literally every major hardware release. Why panic now? None of the big companies have ever been bankrupted because of it, and it has never mattered in the slightest bit in the long run.

Ka-pi96 said:

That's one possibility.

It's also possible that people are just buying PS4 games instead because there aren't any good PS5 games. Seriously, is there even a single good exclusive?

There is - but it's already preinstalled on the PS5

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Dramatic and short sighted.

"But based on Japanese sales data from Famitsu, Sony sold around 213,000 PS5 consoles in the product’s first month of availability and just 63,000 physical games, meaning consumers have bought less than one packaged game for every three consoles purchased."

1) That's only 63k of physical games but doesn't mean they didn't buy any digital
2) With the free PS Plus Collection, and Astro's playroom that's more than enough reason for any new PS5 owners to not needing to buy a game right away either.

Give it time, we all know Sony knows how to pump out great titles and will start rolling in the software sales.

HoangNhatAnh said:
SKMBlake said:

Nope. Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake a PS1 game ?

Well, it's a ps4 game alright, not even a system seller in JP anymore. 

FF7R week in Japan saw a jump in PS4 sales to 79,059, from 19,535 the week before.

Pretty reasonable considering the system had been on the market for 6 years, and would get replaced later in the year, so most people that want one would have gotten one already.

If I had a PS5, I'd probably just play ps4 games on it.

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So the article is extrapolating Japanese software sales, while excluding digital sales, to software sales in the rest of the world?

That should tell you all you need to know.