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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best looking Switch game, end of 2020 edition


I hope Capcom is actually showing the Switch version of this. Looks too clean and smooth compared to what we saw even a few weeks ago. Something like this usually has a ton of Vaseline smear on. But hey, if this is actually running on a base NS then this is definitely a contender and I'd be hella surprised.  

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This year...Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity.

Overall...Luigi's Mansion 3.

Technical achievement (that I played)...Witcher 3.

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No real order.

Astral Chain
Xenoblade Torna
Luigis Mansion 3
Dragon Quest XI S
Daemon X Machina
Octopath Traveler

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I'm surprised nobody mentioned Alien: Isolation

I agree with many of you and wanted to include one more: Little Nightmares

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Fededx said:

Crysis remastered looks beautiful, specially after the latest patch. Luigi's mansion 3 looks a awesome too!

Yeah I was just taking today's new patch for a spin before posting this.

In addition to adding parallax occlusion mapping and upping the maximum resolution to 900p, it also seems to add a layer of leaves and sticks to the forest floor that makes these scenes feel more dense and alive than previously.

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The most beautiful has to be Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

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Breath of the Wild is the game I find the most captivating. I’m not too impressed with games of high detail in closed up space as I’ve seen that with rendered art since the PSX in the mid to late 1990s. Breath of the Wild’s exploration is still breathtaking to behold.

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For me the best looking game is still Breath of the Wild.

It's still Luigi's Mansion 3 easily imo