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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 49, 2020 (Nov 30 - Dec 06)

12k. .... Lol !

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Damn that's an impressive hold for Momotaro.
And AC and MK8 are really seeing a holiday boost. Pretty great week for Switch.

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I was not expecting to see switch up year on year with no major (or any) release


Ah good to see Switch jump up over 200k after last week's low numbers for them. Will be interesting to see how December compares to last year with no big 1st party games. This first week looks good though.

Is PS5 really struggling this bad or is it just massive shortages? I mean I think we all expect PS5 to continue Sony's decline in Japan, but this is incredibly low for launch holiday season so I assume it's just really hard to find one.

fedfed said:

I was not expecting to see switch up year on year with no major (or any) release

Momotaro is a major release.

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What a great start to December for Nintendo! RFA almost at 2mil! And I think only Japan can pull those numbers for a Horse game. Almost outselling a Waifu game lol.

And RIP for Playstation....... those numbers are just sad to see at this time of year.

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Nice figures for the switch. I remember that many of us were concerned about the sales of last week, but this week prove us wrong, so no need to worry after all the cliff is not coming (yet).
Also, is the price of Derby Stallion ok? Why is it that expensive?

PS5 performance is just patetic at this point.

Anyone who looks at this and still makes some kind of excuse that its Japan's fault that Sony is not doing well there, and not the actual reason that Sony is being incopetent in regards to Japan is just lying to themselves by now.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

And.some people thought PS5 has a chance against Nintendo Switch lol.

Nintendo Switch is going to sell over 30 million units in Japan
Playstation 5 is going to sell exactly like playstation vita

Monster Hunter Rise and Mario 3D world Deluxe next

No big holiday title but AC is big enough to carry the Switch this holiday season. Nice numbers. PS5... i mean, i get it has shortages but like what console (except xbox) wouldn't sell out if it only sold like 200k in it's first 3-4 weeks of launch..