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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo apparently shut down sale of custom Etika themed Joycons that were raising money for charity

From what I read it was because he's using the word Joycon on the shell and the Switch logo so he's gonna modify them removing those, what I found funny is that I just bought a Pro Controller with the switch logo and "official" box thinking it was an original but nope, it was a fake and those controllers are everywhere selling but I suppose Nintendo's ninjas aren't that good tracking who's selling those.

I know... my English sucks.

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Lots of things Nintendo is demanding is not in their right, but who would wanna go into a legal battle.

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I have been a fan of Nintendo for years, sometimes i'm not in complete agreement with the decisions they make, and after analyzing things thoroughly if i think they didn't do something right i acknowlege it, but man, people nowadays are so self entitled thay they think they can circumvemnt everything about copyright and the such, but that isn't the worst part, the bad part is that they do it publicly and then they act like somehow they deserve to be praised for doing it or have leeway for some reason , even since the days of the nes cartridges just giving a glance at the manuals included you could see that it said that owning the cartridge didn't gave you the right to copy or modify it, just like VHS's, i mean everyone here made copies or recorded TV using VHS, duplicated CDs and DVDs etc. but since there wasn't internet you weren't publicly worldwide distributing ilegal copies of those things. The past weeks i saw the thing about the smash melee tournament, and later watched the videos of some modders complaining about getting demonetized or getting copyright strikes on their youtube channels, but that's the thing they are infringin copyright when they decide to hack and modify the nintendo games as they did for the smash tournament, and some of them want to gain money by monetizing the youtube videos, Then the thing that they previously demanded the company that rented go-karts with Mario Kart costumes, i mean a lot of people many not like it but Nintendo can't afford to be involved with piracy, imitations, modifications, botleg products and such if something bad were to arise from that.

On a related note i was watching a promotional for some dubbed animes on crunchyroll on youtube, and then i saw it all the idiotic coments from people from my region publicly saying on the crunchyroll official channel what websites they were using to ilegally stream or pirate content not only from them but also from netflix, disney, amazon, hulu etc., and later they ask themselves why all websites that used to share manga,anime, cartoons, movies etc. dissapear from the internet.

Barozi said:

I'm with Nintendo here.
Selling just the shell is okay but selling modified Nintendo products is not (especially when someone is doing this commercially and the official product is available in stores).

Actually he is a licenced reseller and the takedown is only for copyright, so they haven't been shut down, but they need to remove the Joycon name and the switch logo which they are doing.

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RolStoppable said:

No surprise that Nintendo knows how business works. Also no surprise that the manufacturer of these Joy-Cons doesn't know how it works. Even less of a surprise that the gaming community doesn't know how business works.

Anyone who feels strongly about this Etika cause can donate $20 to a charity without getting anything for the money in return. But it's also no surprise that not even 1% of the people who complain will be willing to give as little as $20.

Your right looking at it from afar it seems they didn't liaison with Nintendo. Most successful charities of this type approach the company beforehand to form a partnership, not only does it stop this type of situation from occurring it also benefits both parties and the public, the charity side gets the benefits that come from official support and that can come in many forms from logistical, financial,publicity, expertise etc.   the company gets control over how the campaign is run and benefit from positive media and we the customer get it in the form of assurance that the involvement of a company of Nintendo's stature brings.

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot

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Wyrdness said:

They didn't actually shut him down.

Thank you for posting this.

To explain a little further: a company is legally obligated to defend the trademark if they want to keep it. Nintendo wasn't defending their trademarks to be mean, they were doing it because they'd lose them, otherwise.

Of course, people grabbed the story and twisted into some "Nintendo bullying a charity by shutting it down" narrative. They'll probably continue to do so even after reading your post.

People love to get worked up over things. Even false narratives. Even speculation on hypothetical situations based on a thread of information. It feels a bit like it's getting worse, but I can't say for sure. My memory isn't that great =D

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Maybe don't steal from companies and there won't be an issue? Just a guess...

Wyrdness said:

They didn't actually shut him down.

That is pretty important information for this thread.  Thanks for posting it.  Definitely makes Nintendo seem like less of a bad guy. 

When it comes to enforcing copyright law, Nintendo should really show maximal leniency when dealing with small-scale personal activities, especially if said persons are not making money off of the infringement.  In a lot of cases, this kind of thing is actually bolstering Nintendo's brand and creating fanfare that ultimately makes Nintendo money.  Just think what emulation has done to introduce new generations of gamers to many of the old classics, even though Nintendo would tell you that you are a bad person if you use one.  I am sure that emulators have had the effect of selling millions of Switches the same way that video game rentals got gamers to buy the real thing back in the 90s (rentals were another activity that Nintendo stupidly fought tooth and nail).

Man, what a shithead and a liar.

Moren said:

Man, what a shithead and a liar.

Makes me sick the internet is caping for this manipulator