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Wyrdness said:

They didn't actually shut him down.

That is pretty important information for this thread.  Thanks for posting it.  Definitely makes Nintendo seem like less of a bad guy. 

When it comes to enforcing copyright law, Nintendo should really show maximal leniency when dealing with small-scale personal activities, especially if said persons are not making money off of the infringement.  In a lot of cases, this kind of thing is actually bolstering Nintendo's brand and creating fanfare that ultimately makes Nintendo money.  Just think what emulation has done to introduce new generations of gamers to many of the old classics, even though Nintendo would tell you that you are a bad person if you use one.  I am sure that emulators have had the effect of selling millions of Switches the same way that video game rentals got gamers to buy the real thing back in the 90s (rentals were another activity that Nintendo stupidly fought tooth and nail).