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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Overall, has Capcom been the best Third Party dev/publisher for Nintendo?


Overall, has Capcom been the best Third Party dev/publisher for Nintendo?

Yes 12 31.58%
No 20 52.63%
Maybe 6 15.79%
See Results 0 0%

Capcom supported Nintendo's home console, the 64, through thick and thin. That's gotta count for something. In terms of consistency and quality, it has to go to Capcom.

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Capcom is the third party who makes the best games, so yeah.

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When you put it that way, yes, Capcom has been the best third-party partner for Nintendo overall.

Capcom has been good to Nintendo consoles for a long time.
However, their support for the Switch has been a bit sketchy early on with the overpriced ports of 10+ old games.
Fortunately, we're about to see more original games like MHR and Stories 2.
If SFVI comes to Switch (alongside the rumored new RE Switch game), then I would put Capcom over SE as the 2nd most supportive third party developer on Switch (first is KT personally).

I'm a bit more disappointed with Namco Bandai despite having a few more original titles than Capcom at the moment.

Personally, I think SCVI should've been on Switch by now with an exclusive Nintendo guest character. I doubt its gonna happen now, but I was holding out hope, considering my history with the GameCube version of SCII.

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Mmmm ... it is kinda difficult to say cuz Square Enix even without a strong presence on home consoles was certainly a strong supporter of their handhelds in those dark years between both compagnies. In the meantime Capcom still churned out some quality games on the GameCube in the meantime with one in particular awfully present in people's consciousness. Capcom support kinda dwindled recently with a simple overabundance of ports after strong years on the 3DS but is only now coming with a true resurgence on the Switch with MH while SE already made itself quite present on the platform early on with FF ports, Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI S and Bravley Default ....

Biased opinion : SE wins the trophy.

My more objective mind : Virtual Tie.

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I'm not a Capcom fan.
My votes go to Rare and Square/Enix.

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Rare had Captain Skyhawk, Battletoads, RC Pro AM, Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, Goldeneye 007, Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong R, Conker's BFD, and a slew of secondary games, they developed like 50 titles on NES, and rivalled Nintendo's first party efforts on SNES and even more so on N64.

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They are a great supporter for the Nintendo systems but some of the decisions are mind blowing like releasing each of the DMC games separately instead of porting the HD collection despite it being on the PS3/X360 originally.


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Nope, thats Title goes to Koei-Tecmo & Namco-Bandai

Capcom have bee solid other than the Switch.

Wtf were they thinking releasing have games on carts and half downloads?

They would have had way more sales if they did not pull that shit this gen.



V-r0cK said:

I agree Capcom has been very supportive with Nintendo since the beginning and it shows. My current issue with them is just their high price on old games for the Switch.

I forget what the term is called in psychology and business, but the high price point is for the suckers and diehards who are willing to overpay for those games.Then when they go on sale, it looks like you're getting a good deal, and your sense of urgency to buy the game goes up. On top of that, it gives Capcom free advertising for the games by keeping them in the sales catalog on the e-Shop and on the Nintendo website (and sites like Deku Deals), although that sales catalog is still entirely too bloated.

The true price points for Capcom games all along are the constant sales they throw out every other week. The Mega Mans, Onimusha and Okami go on sale every other week it seems like, and the Resident Evils, Monster Hunter Generations, and the Devil May Crys at least once a month. For Black Friday, they were all at least half-off.

I love Deku Deals. Not only for keeping up with sales without having to slog through the Switch menu or Nintendo's site without filters, but to also check price histories. I used to get suckered into weak sales early on, only to realize weeks or months later that I could have gotten the same games much later and with a better discount.