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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Overall, has Capcom been the best Third Party dev/publisher for Nintendo?


Overall, has Capcom been the best Third Party dev/publisher for Nintendo?

Yes 12 31.58%
No 20 52.63%
Maybe 6 15.79%
See Results 0 0%
Cobretti2 said:

Capcom have bee solid other than the Switch.

Wtf were they thinking releasing have games on carts and half downloads?

They would have had way more sales if they did not pull that shit this gen.

Every time I think about getting the Mega Man collections, I think about that BS, and it makes me change my mind. I'm not about to get cucked by a video game publisher that is trying to push me to buy things digitally through disgusting means like that.

CD Projekt Red can fit the entirety of The Witcher 3 and all of its DLC on one cart, but Capcom couldn't fit six NES ROMs and promotional material on one cart. Not hard to guess which one got my money.

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If you lump together Squaresoft and Enix as one company, then I think it/they easily take the top spot.  It's not even close.  But if you count them as 2 (or even 3) different companies, then I'd say Capcom takes the top spot.  I'd put both Squaresoft and Enix, individually, as competitive with Capcom before they merged though.  Don't forget that in Japan, Enix was the most important third party for the whole 20th century.

I'd say they were. They've always been a favorite developer of mine and even now, looking at my Switch library, they take up a huge chunk.

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They certainly were during the GameCube era - and probably up there when it came to NES/SNES as well. Beyond that though? Not so sure. Definitely not N64 or Wii U (but then again virtually NO third party studio was good with those platforms XD)


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Tough call, maybe throughout their lifespan Capcom are number 1 but my vote would have to go to Rare. This may be a silly argument but whilst Capcom and Square were huge for Nintendo they were also big in helping other rival companies (mainly Sony) which knocked Nintendo into 2nd place during the 5th gen.

Rare produced great (and mostly exclusive) games just for Nintendo and were vitally important in stopping the N64 from being a total flop.

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Hard to say as they fluctuated a lot, from excellent on the NES, SNES, Gamecube and Wii, to very poor on N64 and Wii U.

Their support on Switch in terms of games released to date has been a sad parade of ancient ports, but with Monster Hunter Rise, Stories 2, and apparently a new Resident Evil game on the way, they might end up one of the Switch's best supporters by the end of its life, even if they were very late to the party.

Rise alone is enough to redeem them in my book, it's looking like it will be one of the best and biggest third party efforts on the system.

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I'm going to compare my preferences with success based on VG Charts, and work out a number between. It's not an exact science... it's actually not science at all! Let's see how this works out. I'll give partial points for ties. Devs that are essentially working for a publisher are listed by the Publisher; I put Chunsoft as Enix, which can be argued, but Chunsoft was basically Enix's main video game dev house on NES.

Console - Publisher, Developer, my preference

NES - Enix, Enix, Enix
Gameboy - Squaresoft, Gamefreak, Squaresoft
SNES - Capcom, Rare, Squaresoft (though I really liked Rare and Enix this gen, too)
N64 - Acclaim Entertainment, Rare, Rare (note, EA and THQ were strong competition as publishers)
GBA - THQ, Gamefreak, Squaresoft
Gamecube - Sega, Sega, Sega
DS - Square Enix, Gamefreak, Square Enix (Note, THQ, EA, Disney, and Sega also had strong showings as publishers - also, I really liked Level 5, Intelligent Systems, and Capcom this generation, but even with the Squaresoft side of things I think they win, the DQ games sealed it)
Wii - Ubisoft, Ubisoft, Marvelous
3DS - Capcom, Gamefreak, Intelligent Systems (Note, Level 5 actually had way more top 100 developed games than Gamefreak, but Pokemon just monsterslams everything in total sales)
Wii U - Ubisoft/Disney/Activision/Sega (Their sales sucked, though; Mojang was the only with a high selling game, but it was their only one), Namco (top dev), no favourite 3rd party (I feel it's unfair to list HAL for the Earthbound port)
Switch - Ubisoft, Gamefreak, Square Enix


0. Square Enix Combo - 3
1. Ubisoft 2.25
2. Capcom - 2
3. Sega - 1.25
4. Enix - 1
4. Squareoft - 1
4. Square Enix - 1
4. THQ - 1
4. Acclaim - 1
9. Disney -0.25
9. Activision-0.25


Gamefreak 5
Rare - 2
Enix - 1
Sega - 1
Ubisoft - 1
Namco - 1


0. Square Enix Group - 6
1. Squaresoft - 3
2. Square Enix - 2
3. Enix - 1
3. Rare - 1
3. Intelligent Systems - 1
3. Sega - 1
3. Marvelous - 1


0. Square Enix Group - 10
1. Gamefreak - 5
2. Sega - 4.25
3. Squaresoft - 4
4. Ubisoft - 3.25
5. Enix - 3
5. Square Enix - 3
5. Rare - 3
5. THQ - 3
5. Capcom - 3
10. Marvelous - 1
10. Intelligent Systems - 1
10. Acclaim - 1
10. Namco - 1
14. Disney - 0.3
14. Activision - 0.3

If I had bonus points to give out, they'd probably go to Rare as I see them as the only third party to ever rival Nintendo on their own consoles with strong critical and commercial success on SNES and N64. Gamefreak is running small variations of the same design across generations, I am not impressed by them; nor am I impressed by Namco's cloning of Smash Bros on Wii U. While Rare was often under the wing of Nintendo, their games were distinct. I also feel Level 5 is a bit underrepresented because of Gamefreak, but there's no arguing with those numbers.

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