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Forums - Sales Discussion - Do you think PlayStation 5 sales will be as good as Nintendo Switch sales?

No PS5 won't get close to Switch sales. Switch gonna end up around 150m. PS5 might beat PS4 by a bit, perhaps passing 120m, but I don't see it reaching 130m, so Switch probably ends up probably around 25m higher than PS5.

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Not a chance. In fact, it won't even come close.

While I'm still not on the "Switch will be the best-selling system ever" boat, I think it'll end somewhere around 150M (the exact number depending on exactly what point next year the Switch 2 releases). Meanwhile, the PS5 is probably only going to sell a bit better than the PS4, the latter of which had its lifetime sales hobbled because the COVID boom in 2020 depleted stock before the holiday season and Sony was either unwilling or unable to replenish stock. Therefore, I think the PS5 will probably do between 120-125M, or around 25-30M short of the Switch.

The PS2–DS–Switch trifecta of best-selling consoles ever is unlikely to ever be challenged by anything ever again, barring mass adoption of consoles outside the main three markets of North America, Japan, and Europe. The PS2 had market dominance that no subsequent PlayStation system has had, the DS was an absolute beast during the all-time peak of the handheld market, and the Switch, already on track to threaten the Game Boy's position as the #4 system, got a boost due to certain external factors which we will not discuss (though I guess people have mellowed out about that since 2020-21 since bringing it up doesn't cause a massive shitstorm anymore, but just in case *taps sign*).


In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").

Too many crises happened during this gen, and one is still on and affecting PS strongest markets, it will be very difficult for PS5 to fill the gap with NS, although it still has the possibility of outselling it yearly one or more years. Overall it will do wonders for an expensive item in years when sadly too many people face a worsening of their economic conditions, but filling a gap so wide will be very, very difficult, probabilities are quite low.

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