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Forums - Sony Discussion - Your Feelings and Thoughts with PS5 Dualsense + Astros Playroom

I would be interested in your feelings and thoughts about the new PS5 controller / dualsense feature :) With the new controller you can perceive games more strongly. Astros Playroom is a great example of this. Great experience for me. I look forward to future games using the dualsense feature.

How are your first experiences? Share your thoughts :)

by the way: How can I change my profile-picture on VGChartz? I can't find anything - since the last update. Or my English is not good enough to understand the words. I see my Ghost of Tsushima-Picture, but no possibility of change.

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Astro Playroom is Probably the Biggest Display of Homage to PlayStation History ive ever seen

Had a little blast on astro playroom just to see what the Duelsense does. I'll be honest the playroom isn't my thing so I didn't play it for long.As for the Dualsense I think the feel and comfort of it in the hands and look is Sony best controller to date.However I think the features (haptic feedback and vibrations have been way overhyped, to me they don't make games feel more immersive and it's just simply more vibration. It's a features that if given the option, I'll just turn it off.

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For me dualsense is a great controller, You can see every vibration in every step and movement that occurs with the Astro Playroom character, the remote seems to have a life of its own

Vandal is review pretty much summed it up for me "Astro’s Playroom is an incredible surprise that shows off all the things the DualSense can do. It’s a game that gives you a taste of what playing on PS5 can feel like, and every owner of the console should try it." It is a huge hommage to playstation and in general quite fun too play. It would be nice if they make a full scale astro game next. I would like it if the PS5 gets Astro as mascot.

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I honestly can't wait to play it. I feel like the vibrations will be like the Switch's HD rumble--pretty awesome. The problem with the Switch was that they kinda forgot about it aside from a few games. I think PlayStation will be much more consistent with the feature--moreso than they were with the PS4 touch pad. And I'm pretty excited about the resistance triggers, too. Lots of good ideas running around in my head for this one.As for Astro, I wasn't totally blown away by some of his exploits (aka demos) but the PSVR adventure Astro Not Rescue Mission was right up there with Mario 64 when it comes to mind blowing experiences. That one game has pushed him into the upper echelon of gaming mascots and I expect great innovations every time he takes center stage.

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Honestly one of my standout gaming experiences this year. My only complaint is that I didn't love the body suite gameplay with the exception of Ape/Rock Climbing which needs its own competitive multiplayer! ^_^ But otherwise it convinced me that sony needs to have a few teams who solely build fun and innovative gameplay (And multiplayer) around the dualsense's features and really strong emphasis on the concept of "fun". My fear is that all of sonys first party studios are too driven by story telling that we'll continue just playing 3rd person action games with some limited dualsense implementation. Obviously Astro is short lived but its a blast.

I also hope that Developers really dive into the haptic experiences and allow a full immersion mode (battery killing mdoe) for a lot titles. I know its not for everyone but having all of the ambience (rain, ground texture, winder etc) reflected in the controls audio and haptics is something that made the ambience feel so much more real. I really want it in every title lol, but i can already see developers opting for a more conservative experience where they focus on just the key actions and interaction.

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And just wanted to add that the level of polish and charisma pouring through Astro really made it feel like it was a flagship Nintendo title. Sony needs a bit more of this to add diversity to their 1st party studios

Recently completed Astro's Playroom and its one of the highlights I've had this year for gaming. The DualSense is genuinely a new experience and this game is a perfect showcase for it. You can feel almost every texture or terrain you're walking on and weather effects. In conjunction with the sound and adaptive triggers, which are a massive gamechanger imo; for immersion. Can't wait to play other games that fully utilize them.

The game itself is a massive throwback to PlayStation with so many easter eggs, that will make any fan of old giddy. Coming from a PS fan from over 20 years with the first console to current gen, this is an absolute gem and a must play for any PS5 owner.

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The first thing I did was play Astro's Playroom and I felt something I haven't felt since playing Mario 64 and Ground Zero Texas. This sense of wonder and magic as the see if immersion in a game has got you. I sat and smiled away and after getting the aplatinum Trophy I put my next game in - Godfall. I'm really enjoying Godfall. The visuals kick the shit out of Astro and the combat is really fun, but Astro is my next gen game. It's the game that made me experience something new and different that made me think it's not just a next gen upgrade with a visual bump.I would also say if you haven't tried it, it's not as exact as some reviewers have made it out to be, but it's not as shit as Jaffe has made it out to be. If Jaffe thinks it's meh and that a Zero and Easy Allies and Yong Yea think it's the second coming at 100, this sits between 70-80% in how good the controller is.It's not th individual bits that make the dual sense mind blowing, it's how the the haptics, rumble and microphone work together to create a new experience. The vibrations along with the sound from the dual sense and haptics make the experience. Going back to a game that doesn't use the functionality just drops the level of immersion considerably. It feels like the lack of audio and tactile sensation makes the game a lesser experience and it is more noticeable than let's say:Checkerboarding and native 4KBaked and RTX