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Honestly one of my standout gaming experiences this year. My only complaint is that I didn't love the body suite gameplay with the exception of Ape/Rock Climbing which needs its own competitive multiplayer! ^_^ But otherwise it convinced me that sony needs to have a few teams who solely build fun and innovative gameplay (And multiplayer) around the dualsense's features and really strong emphasis on the concept of "fun". My fear is that all of sonys first party studios are too driven by story telling that we'll continue just playing 3rd person action games with some limited dualsense implementation. Obviously Astro is short lived but its a blast.

I also hope that Developers really dive into the haptic experiences and allow a full immersion mode (battery killing mdoe) for a lot titles. I know its not for everyone but having all of the ambience (rain, ground texture, winder etc) reflected in the controls audio and haptics is something that made the ambience feel so much more real. I really want it in every title lol, but i can already see developers opting for a more conservative experience where they focus on just the key actions and interaction.

Last edited by Otter - on 21 November 2020