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The first thing I did was play Astro's Playroom and I felt something I haven't felt since playing Mario 64 and Ground Zero Texas. This sense of wonder and magic as the see if immersion in a game has got you. I sat and smiled away and after getting the aplatinum Trophy I put my next game in - Godfall. I'm really enjoying Godfall. The visuals kick the shit out of Astro and the combat is really fun, but Astro is my next gen game. It's the game that made me experience something new and different that made me think it's not just a next gen upgrade with a visual bump.I would also say if you haven't tried it, it's not as exact as some reviewers have made it out to be, but it's not as shit as Jaffe has made it out to be. If Jaffe thinks it's meh and that a Zero and Easy Allies and Yong Yea think it's the second coming at 100, this sits between 70-80% in how good the controller is.It's not th individual bits that make the dual sense mind blowing, it's how the the haptics, rumble and microphone work together to create a new experience. The vibrations along with the sound from the dual sense and haptics make the experience. Going back to a game that doesn't use the functionality just drops the level of immersion considerably. It feels like the lack of audio and tactile sensation makes the game a lesser experience and it is more noticeable than let's say:Checkerboarding and native 4KBaked and RTX