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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Phil Spencer: Xbox Series didn’t need a system seller at launch

The new console also sells like this.. ?! WTF. In an interview with Shacknews. Phil Spencer says Xbox Series X/S didn’t need a system seller at launch.

Xbox Series X/S launched today with a line-up missing a new flagship first-party game. And the new Halo-Game has been postponed.

Is that a problem? Microsofts Phil Spencer say: No!

I know there’ll be press that will want to write, ‘Xbox launch lineup versus PS5 launch lineup.’ But if they’re both sold out completely, I’m not sure the launch lineup had much impact on anything other than maybe some review score,” Spencer said. In contrast, PlayStation 5 launches with first-party exclusives including Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, Sackboy A big Adventure and other exclusives.

Spencer: “In fact, you could argue that holiday 2021 from a lineup is probably more important because from a competitive standpoint, both consoles—knock on wood—will have supply so there will be a demand constraint rather than a supply constraint in the next year.

What do you think of this opinion? Does a new console need (strong) new exclusive games?@Launch.

Do you want a system seller when you have a new console or is this not important? Share your thoughts, if you like.

I think it's stupid, I don't feel any passion. And no official xbox sales figures in future, because other statistics are in focus - say Microsoft -.- Sony and Nintendo regularly publish real sales figures for their consoles and games. But Microsoft not.. That sounds to me like the typical american "trump"-strategy of glossing over statistics ... because real facts don't sound that strong. Thats not good, i find. But what do you think about that?

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Switch with Botw was certainly a lot more impactful than if it released on the Wii U before it launched.I think good games are always a good motivator for people to buy games and game consoles.

Always spinning. It also seems MS is continuing with their "wait til next year" strategy. And sure, both systems will sell out at launch, but a good lineup keeps you selling throughout the year. A lot more than promises of games and an empty launch lineup. Especially when you haven't exactly been delivering for the past 2-3 years.

Stop spinning the interview, Halo infitinite was always suppose to be the launch title but it got delay.

What Phil Spencer said after is based on not having a launch title from business point of view, it wont hurt business since both Microsoft and Sony was going to sell all of their initial batch of consoles. It's actually probably going to help Microsoft having a huge release in Q2 2021 to move console.

This guy...

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If they had a system seller they still would have sold the same amount of systems as they are already sold out with no system seller. Thats what he means, they can only sell as many systems as they can produce


Only people who dont have a system seller say that.

His not wrong, neither does Sony. Remember the masterpieces the PS4 launched with? exactly.

Switch Pro launches next year. It cannot play games at all. "We don't need video games to sell systems" claims Nintendo.

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Azzanation said:
His not wrong, neither does Sony. Remember the masterpieces the PS4 launched with? exactly.

Resogun was and still is amazing.

Sorry for the DP mods.

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