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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Phil Spencer: Xbox Series didn’t need a system seller at launch

KazumaKiryu said:

We officially know that the new xbox series has sold worse than the Xbox One in America and Spain, right? And in the US, UK, Germany the PS5 console launch broke records. What say Phil Spencer now? Is it perhaps a mistake? Maybe yes. And in Japan the old PS4 has even overtaken the new xbox now. I wouldn't be surprised, Microsoft will advertise the old stuff for the next few months (like in the last 10 months always), while good exclusives appear on other consoles. In my opinion, the new xbox came out too early.

Could it be that the true sales figures are less than Microsoft "statistically" reported? In the USA/Spain things are going worse than expected. What do you think guys?

Considering the numbers are all stock based on production, the thread title couldn’t be more accurate. Imagine Halo releasing and you have a surge of people wanting to buy and no means of making more consoles at the would be very frustrating. As someone waiting for Halo to jump in, I at least know I won’t have trouble finding one when It’s time. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


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I know that because of the pandemic sales have skewed extremely online; but something I have noticed as of now is that both next generation consoles have very little retail space and attention.

However, the PS5 does have at least a decent amount of presence. You can't buy the console itself in person; but games and accessories get a decent amount of floor space and attention.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series has absolutely 0 attention whatsoever. I think the games are actually out; but there is almost no indication that the games in question are Xbox Series games and not just Xbox One games with an Xbox Series compatible mode or something like that.

One of my predictions about the Xbox Series is that it was a prime candidate for "Wii U syndrome"; where people think it is some sort of variant of the Xbox One and not a next gen system. It is incredibly early but I think I could be correct on this one. If even people who are well tuned into gaming have a hard time finding Xbox Series games, controllers and what not, how on Earth is a parent whose kid wants an Xbox Series and a couple games supposed to find them?

How dare you bring logic to this. ^^