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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - To celebrate Xbox Series X, I am going to play through the entire GoW franchise for the first time, and in chronological order (Current Game: Gears 5)

Much like my Halo thread:

I have never finished a Gears game outside of Gears 1. Mostly because my draw to the franchise was always MP, and also because I just got bored of the Gears formula. When Gears launched in.. 2006 I think? It revolutionized cover based games and also third person action games. Pretty soon every big 360 and PS3 action game were copying its formula and it lead to everything playing the same last gen, so by the time Gears 2 came out, I got about halfway through it and got bored and stopped. Even today, I can do a few missions of the old games and I have to switch to something else. So this play through will likely take longer than Halo did, because Halo was great.

The games will be played in chronological order, just like Halo. Also just like my Halo play through, I will ignore all media that aren't games. I know there are Gears books and comics and probably movies, idk, but I don't care.

The Games (in chronological order)

Gears of War: Judgement (79 meta) - Released in 2013 by Microsoft, made by People Can Fly. I bought this day one back in the day, mostly for the MP. I remember it had a cool mode where one side was COG, the other Locust, with unique units and abilities.

Gears Tactics (80 meta) - Released earlier this year on PC and just yesterday on consoles. I played this game a lot on PC and it is great. I will replay again on XSX and this time do the end game content as well, which I ignored on the PC version. Plus the console version has new content.

RAAM's Shadow, Gears 3 DLC (77 meta) - idk what this is but it is included in Judgement when you progress through the game enough, but it chronologically fits between Tactics and Gears 1

GoW Ultimate Edition (82 meta) - The Xbone remaster. This is the only Gears I have ever finished, and this one has new content.

GoW2 (93 meta) - "it's almost too good" LOL. I don't remember ever touching the SP? MP was amazing though.

GoW3 (91 meta) - Probably my least amount of time ever spent in a campaign that I started intending to play, I made it about halfway through level one and quit. Again, it was the formula. Uncharted, Tomb Raider, everything had started copying it. Run through corridor, into kill box to set up firefight, cut scene, rinse, repeat. Thank goodness future Gears deviated from this formula, as well as many other franchises, so it is less of a chore to play through now.

GoW4 (84 meta) - Insane graphics on console at the time, cool weather effects that affected gameplay. I am very excited to play through this.

Gears 5 (84 meta) - I played some MP on this, and maybe two campaign levels. It seemed very high quality, but I held off because I knew a SX update was coming.

As I type this, I have completed all of chapter one of Judgement. I do not, however, have a Series X right now because my preorder was canceled and I was too slow to get one yesterday, but I should have one later this week hopefully. If I finish Judgement before I get one, I will wait on Tactics until I get one. I will update once I finish Judgement (which had zero players in MP when I started playing it :sad )

Gears Judgement
Gears Tactics
RAAM's Shadow
Gears Ultimate Edition
Gears of War 2
Gears of War 3
Aftermath (Judgement DLC)
Gears 4

Gears 5

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You're gonna (mostly) love it. If possible, play Gears Ultimate instead of three original Gears (even though it still holds up). I replay them all at least once per year!

*Edit* I see where you tried but would get bored and stop. And even I have never finished Judgment! I tried earlier this year and couldn't make it. Good luck!

I decided to play Gears 2 last sunday just because I was bored and I was impressed with what I saw, a very good game. I finished it in one day and started Gears of War 3 right away. I did play Gears 1 a couple of years ago, but I was not impressed. I guess that since I'm very tired of the current gaming trends, it was nice to play something more "old school".

Baffling that you seem to have enjoyed the MP but not bothered with SP. I think the series holds up incredibly well. The first game, spends a little bit too much time underground however. Bigger, Better more badass is definitely a term made for Gears 2. The 3rd is my favourite though. Almost flawless, and I still play the MP a couple of times a month.

Yeah the set pieces in the Gears campaigns are always incredible. In Gears 3 I think I noped out after a fight with a huge worm or something. I am enjoying Judgement so far. The level modifiers you can choose are very cool and really change the gameplay up.

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I am kinda partial to the original. Something about its horror aesthetic, gun play is tight and the campaign's simplicity just makes it my favorite.

GoW4 is good, it has great moments, but I didn't feel invested in the story and I feel the final boss battle was kinda lame. Its a solid game with nice visuals that ultimately lead to the superior Gears 5.

I like Gears Judgement because the gameplay is action focused, not much narrative and it has some of the most impressive Xbox 360 graphics. Its also a fun campaign co-op title due to the action focus. Just don't focus on playing for score, that will make the game tedious.

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Yeah I dig the mission structure of Judgement and the lack of in mission cut scenes stopping the action every three minutes really helps keep me interested in playing more. I actually was invested in getting stars at first, since the RAAM DLC requires like 33 stars to unlock, but they seem easy to get.

I think I have two acts of Judgement left. Good news is I got the XSX, so I can jump right into Tactics whenever I am ready.Judgements gameplay is really good but man it looks pretty bad in some areas. Gotta say though I am impressed with the auto HDR and the load times are amazing. Quick resume as well, I was able to play some Dead by Daylight, then Forza, then jump right back into Judgement instantly where I left off.

I remember Judgment being fine. Problem was it just wasn't as good as the first 3. I will say I did not like the multiplayer at all.

Judgment campaign had a nice gameplay, but story pacing was off. Multiplayer was actually well balanced and it would've been fine as another IP, it just wasn't Gears of War enough. Overrun was bloody brilliant though!Gears of War 2 campaign is still the best shooter ever imo. Just recently played it again.Gears of War 3 is a strange one on Series X. Visually it's dated but image is sharp. It runs 30fps which sucks but aiming feels like it's 60fps and accurate and it makes it more enjoyable to play. I'm currently playing Gears Tactics and loving it.